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The Great Emu War Casualties Go Galactic With 'Modern Indie Spacecats'

All Photos by Catherine Black

The Great Emu War Casualties are back, and this time the Melbourne fizz wizards are taking us to outer space. Their latest single 'Modern Indie Spacecats' is their third instalment of the year, breaking the sound barrier behind 'Dow Jones' & 'Where4@thou Romeo.' The Great Emu War Casualties have got a lot going for them. For one, they've got a bass-playing unicorn, and it's hard to eclipse that. The GEWCs new single dropped on July 15th, and Jiminy Jillikers is it a doozy!

It begins with a clash of sci-fi action, straight into a Speed Racer zip chase. The verse comes peppered with comets of alien guitar and an asteroid belt of fat bass ploppers. The track is always building, always propelling forwards at lightspeed. And the chorus is a roarin' fire sir.

Big notes always on the pipes, 'Modern Indie Spacecats' grows and growls into a 16-bit space groove bridge and a sultry rings of Saturn guitar prowl. Ray guns and pew pews galore, this track is fun, loud and gallops across Martian landscapes and stars alike. The atoms collide and we get sent through time and space with a guitar meltdown.

The single comes laced with deeper themes of frustration with capitalism & technocratic monopoly of the stars, as Lead Emu Joe Jackson hatches:

"The world is drying up and everyone is working all the time and nobody actually owns anything anymore, and we, the good little boys and girls, receive this rebrand from ownership to leasing as some sort of utopian global destination.”
"We should have seen this coming from the very first day it was possible to “buy a star” and put your own stupid name on it. So where is our place in all of this? Maybe we are all the Modern Indie Spacecats."

This is one to listen to with all the windows rolled down on your space shuttle. Be it pixelated interstellar grooves, epic extra-terrestrial choruses or capitalistic cosmic horror, The Emus have got you covered. Be sure to check out this mind tingling toe-tapper today! Huge thanks to The Great Emu War Casualties for yet another tit tickler and let's just sit tight in carbonite while we wait for their next little ditty.

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Cover Art for 'Modern Indie Spacecats'



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