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Erin Foster Drops 'Lovely' Summer Single

Photography by Oskar Henning & Andrew Davies

Gold Coast's sweetest heart, Erin Foster has dropped another ten-tonne track with her latest single dropping hot and heavy. 'Lovely' was co-produced with Matt McGuffie of Ivey and was written last year during the black heart of 'Rona Season. Erin wrote the song while trapped in Sydney, dreaming of home in another time & place.

The track is a vibrant departure from the vulnerability of 'Friends,' or the lamentation of 'Sometimes' (especially the alt. version, go check it out! Go!) Tackling new angles for her trademark romance pop, 'Lovely' is effervescent, dreamy & adolescent. The song is a Valentine's Card to 90's Aqua nostalgia; bold and optimistic.

Erin will be promoting the single with a tour, with dates announced for Brisbane, the Gold Coast & Sydney. She will be accompanied by Gold Coast pop sensation Isabel Wood and Melbourne actor-turned-pop-wizard Keegan Joyce (under the moniker Alter Echo). Don't miss your chance to gobble up tickets and cry live to the melancholic pop tones of Erin Foster.

Erin Foster 'Lovely' Tour 2022

Tickets here

March 12 - Vinnies Dive - Gold Coast

March 24 - The Bearded Lady - Brisbane, West End

April 9 - Factory Theatre - Sydney

May 4 - Blackbear Lodge - Brisbane, Fortitude Valley

Thanks again to Erin Foster for another tube tingler and be sure to follow her on all her social media platforms, so you can hear when she strikes next. 'Lovely' is out now, and exactly what you need in your diet.

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