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Erin Foster Unveils More Of Her Artistry In Fresh Single ‘More To Me’

Since 2021, Erin Foster has been building her reputation as one of Australia’s upcoming pop princesses, gifting us a strong string of releases that incorporate the loved sounds of today with the fresh and unique experiences of this unstoppable artist. In her second release of the year, ‘More To Me’ displays itself as another pivotal step in Foster’s rising discography, showing off her glittering pop prowess and her charming vocal storytelling. Loveable to the core, ‘More to Me’ ticks off all the boxes- and more!

‘More to Me’ is an alluring pop anthem that is freshly polished, shining for an audience of pop-lovers and consumers of stories alike. Mastering her own sound, Foster intertwines the recognizable elements of now with her own personal touches, throwing an authentic spin on this catchy and addictive anthem. Atmospheric instrumentals introduce the track and then effortlessly glide into an echoing chamber of funky and consuming beats- growing with the track in a build-up of energy and excitement. The soft but prominent vocals of Erin take full force in this track. Commanding, yet still able to show off her delicate and angelic presentation, Erin harnesses her signature style which effortlessly flows upon the entrancing beat.

‘More To Me’ is a certified pop hit that delves beyond its peppy surface to tell a story of partnership and intimacy- a direct representation of Foster’s fun yet authentic storytelling style.

There’s a lot to love in this new track, so check it out now!

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