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'Evanescence' Drop Effervescent New Album, 'The Bitter Truth'

Band leader and vocal powerhouse Amy Lee informs of the pill that Evanescence urges us to swallow,

"This whole thing has been very much about facing your fears and facing the things inside myself that aren't easy to admit. On a personal level, the biggest bitter truth is that life is short; we're not going to live forever,"

Sonically as impressive as ever, Hard-Rock heavyweights Evanescence certainly do themselves and their fans proud with new anthemic album 'The Bitter Truth'. The 12-track titan effort from the Arkansas natives gracefully swings from playfully energetic to solemnly sincere.

Weary of stating the obvious, Amy Lee's soaring vocals are what bind this rock conglomerate. What seems effortless for her voice is a skill other singers would kill to have, entrancing fans with notable performances on 'Broken Pieces Shine' & 'The Game Is Over'.

Steering left musically for the most experimental track on the album, 'Yeah Right' toys with the band's detractors for a 'P!nk' meets 'Marilyn Manson'-esque riffs.

'Feeding the Dark' bangs on the ear like a welcomed relative of 'Bring Me To Life'. The album's lead single, 'Wasted On You' was certainly an appropriate choice for the single. An emotionally heightened, passionate song detailing the trials and tribulations of regret.

'It's easier not to believe we have broken everything,

But here we are'

Though the album as a whole is not ocean-deep lyrically, part of their charm and credit to Evanescence's success and longevity is their ability to relate to their listeners. Swelling orchestra's and booming performances from Lee compensate for this lack of lyrical complexity. 'Take Cover' intrigues with bombastic bass and guitars, balanced out by Lee's nauce and melody.

The band safely experiment with industrial sounds peppered throughout, while not leaving the hard-rock/ballad genre, one credits their effort for the stylised, ethereal elements on tracks like 'Better Without You' and 'Blind Belief.' One would be speaking with haste to accuse the band of being 'formulaic' or 'safe', and while no new ground is broken musically, one comes to understand there isn't a need to fix what isn't broken.

It's unknown if the band will attract any new fans with this release but what is known, is current fans will be more than pleased at the consistency and reliability of one of the strongest female-led rock groups in the world.


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