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Everything Might Be 'Backwards' But Fan Girl Are Moving In The Right Direction

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Wholesome Melbourne indie-rock trio Fan Girl are back with their latest single, an energetically riff-infused track that will undoubtedly see them continue their forward momentum to big-name success.

Photo credit: Sophie Hill

Delivering the band’s signature punch and charm, but with a twist, ‘backwards (everything is)’ sees Fan Girl stay true to their quirky, somewhat dark discography whilst employing a sunnier disposition, furthered by the very welcome addition of brilliant vocals from Sydney darling Annie Hamilton.

Fan Girl states that the band wanted “to write what some people might see as a “happy” sounding Fan Girl song, while still being a little wonky, broken and unhinged...the punchy, sunny and erratic colours of the instrumental are contrasted with sleepy and dreamy lyrical imagery, and the lyrics thematically play with the idea of mourning a time, a place, a person, a greasy meal, a restful sleep, a feeling.

‘backwards (everything is)’ is the group’s third release since their hiatus, the track sees Vince, Noah and Luke continue to carry the torch for the band, which has collected a trove of fans who fell in love with their massive energy, punchy riffs and peppy vocals.

Sure to intensify the devotion of current Fan Girl followers as well as attracting many new ones, myself included, ‘backwards (everything is)’ celebrates the band’s animated sound with crunchy guitars and Noah’s endearing vocals, paired superbly with Annie Hamilton's dynamic support.

The new single is released alongside a delightfully eccentric music video created by Rick Clifford, which perfectly aligns with the chaotic juxtaposition of the lyricism and a feeling of urgency in the melody - the story can’t help but make you smile, and feel a little sad for the icing-crossed lovers.

‘backwards (everything is)’ is just the start of more to come from Fan Girl in 2021 with the return of their explosive live shows, coupled with exhilarating new music, and a newfound appreciation for each other, life and obnoxious guitar music.

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