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Fancy Face Are Melbourne's Next Big Thing

Melbourne rockers Fancy Face released their debut EP He Said, He Said on Friday following a string of singles across 2020. This band has burst onto the music scene with unstoppable energy, pushing past the challenges of launching during these trying times. Influenced by brit-rock and 60’s bands, Fancy Face are quickly rising to indie-rock staple status. A great pick for fans of The Delta Riggs, The Black Keys, The Growlers and Dope Lemon, Fancy Face make lively and relatable tunes.

The band released their first single ‘Slip Up’ in March, leading them on to perform a four-date residency at The Tote Hotel in Melbourne. This track was followed by singles ‘Just You Wait’ and ‘Things Are Getting Better’. Dropping gem after the gem, the band earned spins on triple J and began to capture the music media’s attention. Their newest single ‘Are You With Us’ is the final addition to form their debut EP.

He Said, He Said features four tracks ranging from sunny surf rock to grungy head-bangers. Prepare to be surprised by the production quality and raw talent of these new kids on the block. This EP packages lyrics about frustration, confusion and regret into the perfect retro escape.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Aaron Bach shared, “Lyrically, this EP was about me trying to deal with the frustrations, confusion and regrets of a past time. Things can change so fast and sometimes even before you realise it, you find yourself somewhere else. So, sitting down and writing about it all and reflecting has really given me the chance to deal with everything. Music really does make a difference!”

‘Slip Up’ wastes no time launching straight into groovy guitar riffs, driving percussion and edgy vocals. The addition of 60’s style keyboard transports you to a Doors concert- it’s a good time.

If you want I can keep it for later/

Don’t be surprised if I slip up and take it

This is a song about resisting temptation and acknowledging we all give in eventually.

I’ll make a mixture of some black clouds, they are never far from forming/

Grey shadows, bringing nearer visions of the past/

You can’t shake off the years

The next track, ‘Just You Wait’ is rugged and full of life, with emphatic instrumentals and tambourine shakes to put a spring in your step. Fancy Face certainly have a firm grip on edgy song-writing, providing thought-provoking lyrics to delve into.

We’ve got connections with a high rate of intervention/

Kids wrapped in cellophane

‘Things Are Getting Better’ is a high-energy track with a refreshing dose of optimism in the chorus. With jangly guitars and surfy vibes, this track is begging you to get up and boogie.

You got excuses for this type of behaviour, you’re talking at me through silhouettes/

You’re pitching up like you were some kind of saviour/

Yeah, I know, you know I won’t put this to rest

The final EP track ‘Are You With Us’ is a grungy track written about someone giving their all to benefit a friend group and connections falling apart. With heavy bass and distorted guitar, this track proves Fancy Face are capable of more than just upbeat indie rock.

Wondering why I feel this way, you’ve taken it too far/

Opinions that are losing weight, so you bring the fight to us

These Melbourne rockers are an exciting addition to the Aussie music scene with songs full of character begging to be discovered.


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