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FANGZ Prove The Best Is Yet To Come With Powerful New Single, 'I Don't Like Me'

FANGZ are no strangers to monstrous beats and inescapable earworms, and we've just been gifted with another one! Within 2021 particularly, the band has been powerfully defining their prominence in this ever-changing Aussie scene, releasing hit after hit. Ready to launch us into the vibrancy of Spring, the band has followed up on their massive single ‘Prove Me Wrong’ with skate punk-rock anthem, ‘I Don’t Like Me’.

True to the FANGZ identity, the band uses their powerful voice in music as their number one tool, and a foundation to discuss. Open, truthful, and as vulnerable as ever, ‘I Don’t Like Me’ delves into the nature of facades and the expectations of identity. Through its tough conversations, the track culminates by providing a guiding, supportive hand, and a message not to forget;

“‘I Don’t Like Me’ is about the version of ourselves we publicly present in order to hide our true experience and what we’re really going through. It touches on our personal issues as well as the passing of close friends that lost their own battles with depression. This song is for anyone that is not ok and feels isolated. Just know you are not alone and you are loved.” explains Joshua Cottreau

‘I Don’t Like Me’ is a powerful track, filled to the brim with capturing hooks, delectable riffs, and exploding drum beats. Soaring on the layers that the instrumentals built are the dire, passionate, and instantly recognizable vocals of Cottreau, exerting a power to shift the whole momentum of the track. Concluding with the track’s anthemic chorus, ‘I Don’t Like Me’ lingers long enough to have you pressing the repeat button!

I Don’t Like Me’ proves to be another intense, vulnerable but powerful single for the band, and is yet another admirable step forward for FANGZ in their musical journey, especially in 2021. Hit after hit, we can only anticipate what their next move will be... but it’s looking to be one to watch!

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