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FELIVAND’s 'Midsummer Sun' Is The Perfect Soundtrack To Your Angsty Summer Romance

FELIVAND’s has just dropped her latest single ‘Midsummer Sun’, coinciding perfectly with the start of Aussie summer. This is a track that has us craving late afternoon drinks that melt into warm summer night dance parties, with its nostalgic lyrics dripping in honeyed vocal harmonies.

As well as delivering gorgeous vocals, FELIVAND is also a producer and multi-instrumentalist, developing her own unique sound that roots itself in indie-pop and neo-soul. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Jorja Smith, Kali uchis and James Blake, FELIVAND’s music has that cool, mellifluous quality about it, sprinkled with sophisticated harmonies and cruisy trip-hop rhythms.

‘Midsummer Sun's’ ambience is developed with an opening series of synth "crunch chords", perfectly balanced with juicy rhythmic textures and white noise. FELIVAND isn’t afraid to leave space in this way, letting her music and lyrics speak for themselves.

‘Midsummer Sun’ is everything you want from a song about summer romance. There is undoubtable nostalgia and emotion behind FELIVAND’s lyrics; ‘You don’t have to remember/The time in midsummer sun/You were sayin’ you wanna recover/But your actions aren’t lining up’. It perfectly sums up that feeling of seeing someone out that you’re half dating, half not, that you half care about but half pretending you don’t, and wishing they would either commit or cut ties so you could get on dancing with your half spilt vodka lime and soda.

I'll no doubt be calling dibs on the Bluetooth speaker this summer to spin ‘Midsummer Sun’ - a track which paves the way for what will surely be unreal future releases from this young artist.

The neo-soul artist has announced her forthcoming second EP, Nerve, released 16th October.

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