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flowerkid Continues To Blossom, Inks International Deals

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19 year old Sydney lad flowerkid (AKA Flynn Sant) has just stitched together an incredible deal with Wonderlick Music and Warner Music, adding his name to a long list of people who have achieved much more than I had by the time I got to my 20s.

Building up a huge following (and almost five million streams on Spotify alone) with just two songs, flowerkid had 'prodigy' written all over his face. He stepped into the spotlight with 'the boy with the windfields and the wild heart', an upload that landed him a spot of Triple J Unearthed feature artist for a week (and what a bloody good week).

A track that's delicate, haunting and mournful, packed with honest and vulnerability, that leaves you sitting alone in your place with a soft sight. 'the boy with the windfields and the wild heart' leaves you with similar feeling you have after watching a Black Mirror episode that's taken everything out of you and you just stare into your screen unsure what to do next.

flowerkid joins the Wonderlick roster that also boasts likes of Montaigne, Holy Holy and Amy Shark, to name a few. On the recording side, flowerkid has inked deals with Warner Music Australia (ANZ), Atlantic (USA) and Parlophone (UK) as well as being represented by Select Music for ANZ live bookings. As part of the Wonderlick deal, he will also be looked after highly-respected manager Danny Rukasin of Best Friends Music (Billie Eilish, FINNEAS) for North America. Long story short, flowerkid is about to take over the goddamn world.

This Friday, 18 September will see his first release since 2018 with his much anticipated new single 'miss andry' which, judging from that pun alone, will be one to get your ears on ASAP. So go pres-save the track here.

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