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Future Bedroom Pop Star ‘AKA Lui’ Revamps The 80’s Sound With ‘Pushing Me Aside’

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Image: AKA Lui | supplied

'Pushing Me Aside' presents an evolutionary take on bedroom funkadelic and psychedelic beats by up-and-comer AKA Lui. The tune, which was released only a short couple of days ago, wraps up indie-psych-pop in a sweet yet sad little package sprinkled with glitter, angst and teardrops. Shimmery synths and slithering percussion creates a kaleidoscopic soundscape, rich with vibrant colourful and stylistic elements. With a mixture of a perfect ‘Lo-Fi Study Beats’ playlist addition, and also summer pool floating- round and round in circles, staring at the ever-changing textures and shapes in the far-away fluffy white clouds, this song is flexible in all the best ways.

The breakup-anthem uses crooning, soothing vocals and raw lyrics to capture a bittersweet moment in time that everyone can relate to.

"Pushing Me Aside is lyrically very direct. Writing the song was my way of coming to terms with what was going on around me. It’s like therapy, music is powerful like that.
I like to think people can relate to this song in their own way based on whatever may be happening in their life. There really isn’t any "light at the end of the tunnel" moment on this record, I'm simply recounting a moment in time."

This song encapsulates the ‘what if?’ gut-wrenching feeling when deep down, you know something just isn't right. Be it a relationship breakdown which he clearly laments, or anything else that just doesn't fit right in your life-like trying to fit two opposite jigsaw puzzle pieces together. He creates these entire scenarios in your mind with his soulful yet simple words.

AKA Lui is climbing the sonic ladder that Tame Impala, Winston Surfshirt and Cosmos Midnight have created, culminating in a fresh and organic self- titled ‘op-shop pop’ style. Whilst second- hand clothes shopping is very different to music, you can see where this statement comes from. He recycles 80’s synths, clothes his music in disco elements and up-cycles lo-fi study beats to a whole new level- leaving his music lookin’ and soundin’ fresh as hell.

‘Pushing Me Aside’ is the second release from AKA Lui, with his 2019 debut ‘Hey! I Don't Want That Anyway racking up tons of critical acclaim and airplay on international radio shows, and with it recently smashing over one million streams it is the perfect time to back up with another banging release.

Sure enough, he has set the scene for a fruitful and tasty musical career, with new releases to be seen, heard, danced and cried to, on their way in the future.

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