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GENIIE BOY Invite Us Into Their Weird And Wonderful World With 'Elevator To The Sky'

Buckle up and deep dive in to GENIIE BOY's eclectic pop world with their latest release 'Elevator To The Sky'.

Known for their weird and whacky brand of electro-pop grooves the Gold Coast duo have been making waves in the local scene after releasing their widely-received debut EP 'If You Have Something To Say' early last year.

Now bursting into 2022 with a vibrant and stratified track, GENIIE BOY are ready to conquer all. A colossal display of the duo's plentiful talent, 'Elevator To The Sky' is layered with vibrant pop synths, buoyant harmonies and soulfully charged grooves guaranteed to get you up on your feet. Combining Alisha Todd's silky vocals and knack for charismatically catchy hooks with Scott French's sharp production and crunchy guitar riffs, the pair have created an exciting multi-dimensional pop atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.

Embodying their signature GENIIE BOY magic, 'Elevator To The Sky' embraces the weird, the wonderful and everything that lies between. Joining the track is an appropriately whacky and eccentric, space-powered music video accompaniment with all the twists and turns of taking an elevator to the sky.

So deep dive into the weird and whacky GENIIE BOY stratosphere with their new single ‘Elevator To The Sky’.




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