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Get Ready To Smash Your Ex’s Car With Sycco’s New Single ‘Time’s Up’

Updated: May 28, 2021

Brisbane’s indie pop star, Sasha McLeod (aka Sycco), has returned to the airwaves with pop track that's as tough as nails in her new single ‘Time’s Up’. Described as “a breakup song full of residual rage and anxiety, whilst still celebrating someone elated to be set free”, ‘Time’s Up’ is one of Australian indie music’s most captivating recent releases.

"During lockdown [co-producer] Ed Quinn sent me a bunch of beats to have a listen to and this beat jumped out at me. It was this Solange feel that I vibed. While I was producing it up, I tried to make it sound like Radiohead meets Pharrell. The song definitely reflects the emotional turbulence and anger I was feeling during lockdown. Making this song was a huge release of all that negative energy,” says McLeod.

‘Time’s Up’ finds itself balancing perfectly between indie pop and alt-rock. The track opens with a set of rhythmic drums overlaid with synths. Shortly afterwards, the calm strumming of a bass guitar carries the song’s soundscape along, causing it to build up with anticipation. Once ‘Time’s Up’ hits its chorus, the song’s instrumentals come knocking with a vengeance as they weave together to create an overall soundscape that is as chaotic as it is cohesive. Remember, ‘Time’s Up’ is a breakup song; and McLeod and Quinn perfectly captured the feelings of relief that come with a liberating breakup.

Vocally, McLeod is in top form. Her tone is as pure as ever and melds with the track’s soundscape in a beautiful way. There are moments throughout the song where McLeod’s voice is digitised, giving it a needlelike quality as she sings. While there has always been a debate surrounding autotune and enhancing vocals, make no mistake about it. McLeod can sing and the vocal enhancements help sharpen the song’s already existing edge. Like a true rockstar, McLeod tackles every lyric with passion and youthful energy. ‘You don’t wanna f*ck with me / you don't wanna f*ck with things,’ McLeod boldly proclaims.

We're feeling pumped because Aussie music has an artist with so much to say. To sum it up, ‘Time’s Up’ is an exciting multi-genre addition to McLeod’s discography. The indie pop sound will appeal to fans, while the alt-rock elements give the track a badass vibe that’ll make you want to go out and key your ex’s car. It’s a must listen!

Her upcoming debut EP, Sycco's First EP is out July 30th

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