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Getting Burned with Joe Mungovan's Sunny New Single

Updated: May 26, 2021

This song about slowing down… slowing right down. Not so much about planning the heist but the billions of dollars at the end. You know the part; where the hero gets the girl, and they move to the tropical beaches of Mexico.

Joe Mungovan’s ‘Soaking up the Sunshine' is about making all the wrong decisions for all the right reasons, getting a bit too tipsy at a girlfriend’s 21st, submitting that assignment at 11:58 pm or even finishing that cheeky Ben & Jerrys in front of Brooklyn Nine-Nine last Tuesday. You know what’s meant? The best kind of good-natured disregard.

"Soaking Up The Sunshine’ is about a classic Australian road trip; travelling up and down the coastline, soaking up the rays during the day and drinking wine around a fire at night. Unfortunately, this particular trip was put to an end early due to the Covid situation getting quite serious half way through. The girl I was travelling with had to fly back to Germany before the borders closed. While writing this track I was reminiscing on the good times that we spent together before everything was turned upside down.” says Mungovan

Speaking the age-old message of ‘tune in and drop out' the song paints a picture of getting away from the stresses life has to offer. Lush, warm and dreamy, Mungovan sings of getting high at the beach with his long-time lover. Those breezy guitars sing like an ocean wind whilst boozy drums pulse to a sloshed rhythm.

And damn that trumpet solo hit’s home. Melancholy yet wishful. It’s that overwhelming of having to bite the tongue before saying “I love you.” A call to the underlying sadness to the tune. The romanticism of escape.

Maybe not. ‘Soaking up the Sunshine,’ is a tune of not so much escape but the feeling of wanting to return. Not to a destination but a mood. A mood of content given the chaos of current circumstances.

Mungovan offers a one-way ticket to the mentality you’d rather be. So next time you wake up on a Sunday morning with a headache from a bigger night than expected, give this a listen for the ultimate hangover cure. Embrace the uncertainties and breathe. In the words of timeless rebel Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.”

Check out the Groovy Music Video Below!

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