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Good Day Sunshine To Become Australia’s First COVID Safe Festival

Western Australia’s Good Day Sunshine is set to take place on Saturday, 31 October with organisers saying the festival will have a new COVID safe format rolled out.

Developed by promoters Macro Music, the new format will have the festival split into four separate areas and will have a maximum capacity of 1250 people per area. A revolving stage, named the Turntable stage, will be right in the centre to ensure patrons will be able to visibly see acts like John Butler, Vicki Thorn and Josh Pyke.

Each area will act like a mini festival as each section will have its own entry, exit and amenities. This means there will be shorter lines for everything and if that doesn’t get you excited for this, I don’t know what will.

To stay on top of cleanliness, the festival will also have teams of people regularly topping up hand sanitiser stations as well as cleaning all the various facilities. Attendees will also be encouraged to bring their own picnic blankets and chairs to create their own little bubble within their sections.

CEO of Macro Music, Ross Macpherson says, “We are excited to roll out this format for Good Day Sunshine. It will be great to have music events of a larger capacity rolling in Australia again. We have been working with the local council, police, health and various other stakeholders to ensure the format complies with the current COVID guidelines for WA. All have been incredibly supportive of our ideas."

Image: Map of Good Day Sunshine

So all of this comes back to the question of, is this what the future looks like? As someone who has a love/hate relationship with music festivals, getting on board with this format sounds like a great idea.

The idea of having your own space to enjoy the music, with a reasonable amount of people around you eliminates all the worst parts of music festivals. No longer will you have to force your way through crowds only to be stuck behind that one tall guy who doesn’t want to move. Gone are the days of long waits in line for overpriced food. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

If all goes well at Good Day Sunshine, here’s hoping other festivals take the hint. As Macpherson says, I would be flattered if this format was to be used by other events in Australia and across the world. The sooner we can get large scale live events back up and running, the better for everyone. I am excited to see what innovation comes from this pandemic; it is a great opportunity for some creative thinking from the live music community.

The Good Day Sunshine festival will take place on Saturday, 31 October at Barnard Park on the Busselton Foreshore with tickets on sale on their website.

Good Day Sunshine 2020 Line-Up

John Butler

Xavier Rudd

Josh Pyke

Vikki Thorn

Kyle Lionhart


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