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Grace Sanders Makes An Eclectic Return With Hyper-Pop Singles ‘Anymore’ And ‘Nothing’

Photo: Henri Crisp

Buckle up and deep dive into Grace Sanders dazzling hyper-pop world with her newest single ‘Anymore’ and B-Side track ‘Nothing’.

Poised, potent and powerful, Grace Sanders’ music is a glistening cascade of pop-electronica with tinges of neo-soul and electro-dark tendencies - and her latest A/B side singles are testament to just that. ‘Anymore’ and ‘Nothing’ sees Sanders skill-fully pair her bright and poignant lyricism with crunchy, colourful production to create an exciting concoction of electronic wizardry.

The two tracks represent reaching a breaking point and propelling straight through it, headfirst, through the stinging soundwaves, to reach a point of chaos. But ‘Anymore’ is the breaking point and ‘Nothing’ is the chaotic aftermath.

Beginning with pulsating 808’s and a frenzy of gritty basslines, ‘Anymore’ doesn’t leave you any time to catch your breath as Sanders darts through a multitude of soundscapes with every twist and turn. Her lustrous vocals are the powerhouse of the track as it slowly morphs into a dark and industrial electro-pop realm with vibrating synth-waves and heart-fluttering basslines. The track perfectly encapsulates Sanders lyrical strengths and storytelling abilities through her music.

On the flip side, ‘Nothing’ provides a riveting contrast from the addictive chaos of ‘Anymore’. Riddled with vivacious, reverb-filled undertones and a slow-burning ripple of decadent basslines. The track grabs your attention from the get go as

the potent electronic pulsing dominates the track whilst Sanders inauspicious vocal vibrations sets the mood - that chaos has come and gone, and all thats left is an empty uncertainty of whats next.

Dichotomy is a running theme in Sanders perpetually growing soundscape, from her light and poppy vocals in ‘Anymore’ in contrast to the dark-reverb-filled undertones of ‘Nothing’. Vocally and aesthetic wise, the tracks are completely different, showing just how versatile Sanders artistry can be. Sanders talent not only lies with her vocals, lyricism and crunchy production, but her ability to tell a story by contrasting these two elements.

You can catch Sanders joining Great Gable on their huge national tour this June, so do yourself a favour and witness the beautiful and eclectic world of Grace Sanders.

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