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Grace Sanders Tests Our Devotion With Latest Single ‘Attachment Theory’

Photo by Dylan Le’Mon

With a revitalized and refreshing sound that is truly unique, Grace Sanders has been captivating us with her soulful glimpses of life since 2017. With live experiences, many releases, and new contexts surrounding her, another milestone has approached the singer’s growing discography in the form of her newly announced EP, ‘Nothing Is Personal’. Before the drop, Sanders is teasing with a small taste in the form of the single ‘Attachment Theory’- a track that encases so much persona, individuality, and spirit. Through a fluctuating musical journey, the Perth songstress delves into the notions of childhood relationships and how they mirror into adulthood, using her musical prowess to not only share her thoughts but auditorily reflect this for all to hear. You will certainly become easily attached to ‘Attachment Theory’!

The track opens with a haunting vibration that unexpectedly propels into a track embedded with a sense of comfort and familiarity. Grace Sanders’ delicate vocals press to your ear from their first introduction, laced with a crispness, uniqueness, and quirkiness that paints them as a means of digestible and meaningful storytelling. Chirping instrumentals grow alongside the track, creating a perfectly balanced partnership that does not merely keep the song steady, but fosters an inquisitive nature and exciting flair to ‘Attachment Theory’. As the song progresses, so too do the layers grow, adding more and more realms of the track to get lost in.

The unfolding melodies lead us to a dramatic climax both instrumentally and lyrically- soaring with synth, percussive feats, and a more dire-toned Sanders. ‘Attachment Theory’ never gives too much or too little, and much like the theory it was based on (the foundations of giving and receiving love), it leads us on a journey with precisely what we require.

"The way our relationships and breakups in adulthood can mirror some of those early experiences and become an avenue for reflecting on the version of 'self' we become in the context of 'others'." notes Grace Sanders

Grace’s upcoming EP, ‘Nothing Is Personal’, releases on October 28th! Why not get familiar with the theory until then?

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