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Hayley Mary Shines In New Single 'Would You Throw A Diamond away?'

Credit: Jesse Lizotte

'Would you throw a diamond away?' Sydney's Hayley Mary new single is one that we'd hold tight. Her electric new single is inspired by an old idea brought back to life, dusted off and taken off the shelf. Now polished and glistening, it embodies its new meaning through timeless sepia undertones holding all the characteristics of a precious retro item that has become more valuable as time passes.

Hayley reflects: “‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’ started as an old idea of my boyfriend Johnny’s that he had all but thrown out. I could see it was a proper diamond in the dirt that just needed brushing off and shining up.

A song that evokes nostalgia like nothing else can, it asks us rhetorical questions that leads us to celebrate the beauty of the past.

Would you throw a diamond? Would you throw a lifetime away”

“My dad brought me up to have an almost unhealthy sympathy for the magical old objects one can find in a thrift store. He loved old cars and would never throw anything out, always seeing the treasure in other people’s trash".

Her grungy retro vocals also dare you to experience life by dancing on the edge of danger and love, with the chorus exclaiming

"I’m thinking it ain’t that hard To fuckin’ kiss you in the rain I’ll fucking kiss you in the rain"

The charming lyricism coupled with an upbeat indie rock sound really captures the attitude of living free and not holding back on life experience.


Feb 24 | UniBar O Week | Adelaide, SA | 16+ Lic / All Ages Mar 27 | Warrawee Park | Oakleigh, VIC | All Ages with Alex Lahey | Free Show Apr 3 | Boogie Festival | Tallarook, VIC | All Ages May 21 | Factory Theatre | Sydney, NSW | 18+ with Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever | SOLD OUT May 22 | Kambri ANU | Canberra, ACT | 18+ with Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever May 23] | Factory Theatre | Sydney, NSW | 18+ with Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

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