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‘Hell Hath No Fury Like’ Witching Hour Scorned

Photo Credit: She Is Aphrodite

There’s something brewing in Melbourne. The streets at night are bare except for a lone electropop artist. She walks through the city, ready to enchant you with her sounds and voice. That’s right. Up-and-coming electropop artist, Witching Hour, continues to pave a musical path for herself with her new single ‘Hell Hath No Fury Like.’

"This song embodies glorious self-reclamation ... It's about firing back at an ex who is quietly raging at the liberated choices you've made after ending the relationship. It celebrates blossoming into a state of empowered ferocity, while they sulk and seethe that you've moved on in a way they don't approve of. I wrote this song shortly after ending a toxic relationship with a boy who, when I re-partnered, stirred up trouble in my life without ever having the courage to express his feelings directly to me. This song was my way of addressing the situation with delicious sass," says Witching Hour.

The track itself is ghostly and fresh. Witching Hour’s vocals break through the song’s backing sounds to ensorcel you with a rich and youthful tone that’ll remind you of Halsey. At the same time, there’s a fullness to them that allows Witching Hour to anchor herself amidst the track’s creeping production. And there’s a lot going on in the back. Sonically, ‘Hell Hath No Fury Like’ begins with the creaking of floorboards before electropop beats kick in with handclaps. Woven throughout these sounds is a haunting resonance that colours the song with images of dark forests, night-swept streets and candles burning on nightstands. Collectively, the song’s production and Witching Hour’s vocals create a unique sound that allows Witching Hour to stand out from her peers.

‘Hell hath no fury like,’ Witching Hour breathes before creaking floorboards, a ghostly voice and old school film shutters draw the song to a close. It’s an unapologetic anthem, and it’s great to see (and hear) Witching Hour’s newfound independence shine through an incredibly enthralling track.

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