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Highline Release Plentiful New Single That Is More Than ‘Enough For You And Me’

During the chaos and calamity of the past few years, escapism has found a new home in one of Sydney’s fast emerging bands. With a string of releases from 2019 to now, Highline is not merely extending their already impressive catalog, but continue to assert themselves on both a personal and musical level to anyone willing to listen. At their core, Highline surrounds their sound with a strong sense of identity, lathering the listener in palpable emotion, vulnerability, and of course, a unique take on the everyday. ‘Enough For You And Me’ proves no different for the band, exploring fleeting time in the most melancholic of ways, connecting through the jarring reality we all must face.

Exploding with dense and echoing instrumentals, Highline encases the audience into the track with them, surrounding you in a whirlwind of feeling and fleeting. True to the band’s style, ‘Enough For You And Me’ instills a lively spirit into the melancholic, placing hopeful undertones within their at times somber and reflective state. Leading to a sweeping chorus, the track culminates in a true sense of cathartic expression, letting go through layered instrumentals and a soaring sound. In a feat that has become a signature for the band, Highline cements the song through their vocal performance- one that is always warm, expressive, and of course, honest.

‘Enough For You and Me’ also explores Highline’s charming storytelling skills, with their lyrics unraveling like a conversation with a friend. In their own coming-of-age anthem, the band tackles the realities of the real world, balancing the confronting and the empathetic; “cause tomorrow’s bringing nothing new. This can’t be enough for you and me”. Submerged in their own personal truths, ‘Enough For You And Me’ is a heartfelt ballad that goes further than expressing an experience, but conjures up a meaningful connection upon every listen.

The song is about leaning on your friends to feel better about the mundane times in life. It’s both a celebration of friendship and the good things it can do for you as well as a reflection of when you’re not happy with the way things are going.” - Highline

Be sure to catch Highline at their Sydney show in March, celebrating a track that is truly enough for us!

For fans of: DMA's, The Strokes, The Terrys

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