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Hope D Brings The Real To Realness With Latest Single 'Miscommunicate'

Image: Hope D | supplied

Brisbane musical mainstay Hope D has at last released ‘Miscommunicate’ which turns from a confessional lullaby to a full blown indie pop track, with the chorus jam packed with lovely harmonies and layers of top notch guitarwork .

The song features a San Cisco style breakdown - and reminds me a lot of their song ‘Reasons’ with its lovely sonic stylings and a constant percussive beat guiding its journey through the verses.

Whilst ‘Miscommunicate’ strays slightly from her previous high energy releases ‘Second’ and ‘Common Denominator’, her latest single brings that previous voltage down a couple of watts in order to produce a gut-wrenchingly honest and delicate track.

It's the perfect song to hang your laundry to, to drive around town at night and watch the city lights drift by, to stay up til 3am listening to on repeat while absent-mindedly watching Netflix - it's deliciously versatile and in my opinion, the track to end all soundtracked moments. With subtle hints of summer through shimmery synths, and notes of winter through chilled vocals - it's good to whack on the stereo and blast real loud all year round.

"I wrote ‘Miscommunicate’ to try and get attention from my partner at the time. I am not very good with my words when I have to talk, but singing them in this song was my way to communicating how I truly felt at this time in my life. I was purposely miscommunicating in order to get a reaction, and to jeopardise the relationship to deliberately make it bad before I had to talk out my feelings about it."

‘Drinking whites and picking fights’ sounds like your average night out on town pre-COVID right? No? Maybe it’s just me… and Hope D of course.

Lyrics like these bring the heavenly singer songwriter back down to earth with her relatable yet heart-wrenching new release ‘Miscommunicate’. It’s these little things that make her songwriting so interesting and fresh - she brings a whole new outlook on pop and indie tracks and what they deal with lyrically.

Gone are the days of classic love songs lamenting loss - now is the time for self-reflection, which brings a sense of realness to her tracks which is absolutely commendable.

This is a song you can listen to and really think deeply about - whilst its still an absolute banging track, it makes you stop and wonder ‘Damn. She really went and put that into words, huh!’ Her knack for grasping at the most human expressions and nature of relationships, and for actually putting it into sentences and words that work well lyrically, is astonishing. With influences like Girl In Red, Gretta Ray, WAAX and alt-j, it's no wonder that she is able to capture people's hearts through her sweet sound.

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