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Hope D Goes Full Parent Trap In 'Common Denominator' Vid

Photo via Hope D

Rising Brissie star Hope D is fighting Lindsey Lohan for the body-double crown with a fantastically farcical vid for her latest single 'Common Denominator'.

A powerfully building tongue-in-cheek release blends angst with comedy, in an honest self-reflection. A vid that boasts a brilliant use of Parent Trap style twins - two Hope Ds is something we could get used to - and captures that infectious humour that she exerts in her live sets.

“I wrote this song about my first relationship, where we were set up by a mutual friend. I gradually realised that the only thing we had in common (and the reason we even met) was that we were both gay,” says Hope.

The fresh vid comically exerts this absurdity in that cheeky Hope D style. It's fun, it's fresh, it's fabulous but it's also beautifully uses this absurdity to highlight how f*cking stupid the idea of thinking that you're match with someone just because you're both gay. The characters are stupid, because the concept is stupid.

Hope D doesn't shy away with a gut-punching honesty in her songwriting and 'Common Denominator' follows suit. Though the top-line does highlight the comic nature of the idea, the subtext does present a more introspective perspective. Hope says herself, “I actually remember pretending to know her favourite bands," moulding herself to like this person at the time.

A story told in jest, the takeaway still seems to be that your identity is more than just your sexuality and sometimes, that's what we need to hear.

The new vid just adds to the arsenal of reasons why Hope D is one of the fastest rising stars on the Australian scene at the minute. Her personality is so vibrantly portrayed in everything she creates, and she appears to have no reason to be slowing down soon.

Hope D is set to tour Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (with three Brissie shows sold out) in October in support of sophomore single 'Second', restrictions permitted. So fingers bloody crossed, there's always hope on the horizon.

Hope D Tour

Tickets here

Saturday, 10th October – Golden Age Cinema, Sydney (Free Entry)

Sunday, 11th October - The Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne (Free Entry)

Saturday, 26th September @ 6PM – The Outpost, Brisbane (Just Added) Saturday, 17th October @ 6PM – The Outpost, Brisbane (Sold Out) Saturday, 17th October @ 9PM – The Outpost, Brisbane (Sold Out) Sunday, 18th October @ 6PM – The Outpost, Brisbane (Sold Out)

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