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Howlite Spread Their Wings On New Single 'Canary'

Image via Howlite socials

In a sense we’re beginning to know what to expect from Howlite, though they keep finding ways to surprise us.

‘Canary’ might just be their most emotionally entrancing work yet as vocalist Alison Thom lets us see behind her gaze as a woman navigating the later years of her 20s. Thom says ‘Canary is about the emotional weight of self-identity in relation to other people’. As Thom takes us through her world, the vocals couldn’t be more crisp as they layer over and interweave with one another.

The track is a touch more introspective that you might generally find in electro-pop, however the personal content doesn’t strip away any catchiness, I’ve already resigned myself to singing ‘Nobody I know’ over and over again in my next 10-12 showers. As the song moves forward, the vocals begin to echo of exasperation as infectious percussion slides underneath them, almost teasing another breakdown right as the track screeches to a halt. You can almost feel this finish mirroring Thom’s lack of closure and clarity within her psyche. You might feel like you’re laying in a field, watching a fireworks display tango with the sky above you.

‘Canary’ is far from Howlite’s only splash. They’ve been making waves for a while now and their upcoming debut EP Not Here, might just prove to be the tsunami. Since their debut EP Reasons, Howlite have found themselves on Spotify playlists and radio stations all over the world and when Not Here releases on 16 October, you can only imagine the success will continue.

Howlite are developing a signature sound of atmospheric melancholy and there’s no one else quite in their lane. They’re pushing boundaries yet managing to make each track sound cohesive to the last. Mark your calendars for Howlite’s EP next weekend and if the singles are any indication, it’ll be more than worth your time.

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