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ILUKA's New Single 'A Beautiful Undone' Captures Her Wild-Hearted Essence

Image: ILUKA | supplied

Australian singer-songwriter ILUKA has today released her latest single ‘A Beautiful Undone’ - a song about letting go and surrendering into the unknown. 

‘A Beautiful Undone’ encapsulates powerful feelings of excitement, hope, freedom and love. Feelings that are explored in an upbeat retro indie-pop soundscape. ILUKA’s raw and emotive vocals soar above the song’s foundations, with layered crescendos that are then stripped back to her rock and soul roots as she utilises her unique husky tone.

ILUKA hails from the beautiful Blue Mountains, channelling her artistic energies into her music from a young age with the help of her father. The pair spent hours on the balcony of their Blue Mountains home - learning, creating and fostering a strong bond. It was this early education and innate heart and soul within her sound that gave ILUKA’s music its unique spark. A spark that is particularly evident within her latest single.

ILUKA’s restlessness and need for a connection with a world bigger than just her own brought her to LA to record her last single ‘Willing To Break’ at the iconic Sounds Studios with Grammy-nominated producer Justin Stanley. This opportunity allowed her to utilise her talents and dive deeper into her music journey as she got to write and create with different musicians all over America.

ILUKA describes the creation of ‘A Beautiful Undone’ as an expression of “free-falling and surrendering to the mess of life and trying to translate the often abstract and symbolic feelings of that surrender and depth into words.” She says the song was written at a “very uncertain time in my life. The feeling to come a little unhinged, to release a little more, to cry a little harder, to dance a little wilder, to soften again and again. Because I think that it means a new story is unraveling. And that is a beautiful thing.”

Alongside the track, ILUKA has released the visuals, which are emphasised by light, colour and costume to create a dream-like ethereal atmosphere that compliments the subject matter and tone of the song exquisitely. 



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