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Interview: Onslow Tend To Us With 'Gauze'

Updated: May 19, 2021

Perth-based power duo 'Onslow' have released their second single 'Gauze' off their forthcoming self titled debut EP.

Sean Harmanis (Make Them Suffer) and Scott Kay (Voyager, Statues) , both at a pinnacle point in their respective career's (Harmanis balancing one of Australia's biggest metal bands 'Make Them Suffer' and Kay who's well earned his way through the industry with bands like 'Voyager' and 'Absent Heart'), Onslow presents as a project of understanding.

With heavy, neat riffs by Kay, complemented by the versatility of Harmanis vocals, the Perth based pugilist's are here, and they mean business. The boys first met when Scott was giving guitar lessons and Sean took him up on the offer. It wasn't until Sean showed Scott a few demo's (including 'Let Me Rust'), where the project materialized. We sat down with 'Onslow' as the duo spoke on feeling a natural sense of urgency with the project.

Speaking on the formation of the band, "it went from 0-100 really quickly' said Kay, our writing sessions were unexpectedly quite productive."

Harmanis mentioned the dichotomy of responses from fans of 'Make Them Suffer' when they released their third studio album 'Worlds Apart'. With some fans not appreciating the difference in musical direction and maturity shown by the band, it can be difficult to know where to put your foot next.

With 'Onslow' and Kay, the hours sped by in the writing sessions, both leaving pleasantly surprised by how lightning quick their sessions had felt, not having time for negativity, considering the thoughts of others.

"Having turned 30 recently made me see things a little differently' said Harmanis,

'You learn to focus on what's more important, the little things"

The opinions of others have little time in Onslow's world, when asking Harmanis about the general perceptions of heavier music, he said "Yes it's angry, but there's nothing more comforting than hearing how someone express themselves, letting others know they share the same emotions."

That message is exemplified on 'Gauze' , as the track sees the boys wrapping a tourniquet on their wounds, lending their hand to yours.

A sultry, balanced performance from Harmanis reminds of a prime Matt Skiba. 'Alkaline Trio' meets a heavy 'Blink 182' in this prophetic punk concoction.

'I know you're tired of asking for help,

but it needs to be said

so I'll say it,

I know you're tired of asking for help

and i know you're tired of hurting yourself'

'Gauze' is one such a song, confronting the harsher realities of existence, "that's where writing becomes therapeutic' said Harmanis, with Kay agreeing 'that's what it's there for'. When asked about the origins of the name 'Onslow', Kay was quick to say that it was a familiar street he had spent his childhood around.

From boys to men, both have matured into 'Onslow', a controlled exuberance of targeted angst and your going to hear about it.

Harmanis mentioned that the boys aimed their focus on the arrangement of their songs and relating to their listeners, those who have struggled with mental health, depression and anxiety. He attributed his unhealthy habits to that of 'Make Them Suffer', coming home from touring, the more menial tasks seem almost meaningless.

"From being on tour, to wanting to be home, then being at home wanting to be on tour," this distance at home led to some troubles that Sean soul-searched remedies for and in his search with Kay, founded the band.

If the 'Onslow' EP is anything like the members of the band, it'll be a thoughtful, well-structured product. For me, these two new men are about to realise their potential.

'Gauze' is available to stream here:

'Onslow's self titled EP is due in July.



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