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Interview: Sellma Soul Chats With Apollo Blue About ‘Moonchild’, Lady Gaga and Inspirations

At the end of 2020, a vibrant blond-haired force burst their way onto the Australian music scene with a glam rock sound and energy to match. That force was Apollo Blue. Born and raised in South Australia but based in Melbourne, Blue introduced himself as a bonafide rockstar with his debut single, ‘Moonchild’. Telling the story of a nocturnal entity, ‘Moonchild’ modernised 60s and 70s rock for a fresh take on an older sound. The track is passionate, glamorous and addictive. Much like Blue themself. Australia’s newest pop rock crooner sat down with the equally fabulous, Sellma Soul, for a chat. Featured on TV's The Voice, Sellma honed her stage craft as an infamous Drag Queen in Brisbane`s Fortitude Valley, something that will always be a proud part of her legend.

What’s happening today?

"I started my day by skydiving in a silk gown with a 50 metre train and landed graciously by the ocean. That may or may not be true. I also worked my day job earlier today and was lowkey applying face masks, doing glam makeup and getting ready for this interview while working, true showbiz hustling style.

I’m actually currently in South Australia with my family and have been here since May because of border closures! It’s actually been really special having this time with my family while releasing my debut single. It’s the longest I’ve spent back in SA since first leaving for Melbourne straight out of high school at 18 years old. "

How did it feel to hit #1 on triple j Unearthed? Did you ever expect it and what’s next in terms of goals?

"It was incredibly surreal seeing my name on top of the charts. Apollo Blue is a glamourous, rock n roll, heightened version of myself that I created to free myself creatively and feel empowered. So to see that name manifested as a recording artist with radio plays, streams and number 1s really blew my mind. When I saw Moonchild hit #1 on the Rock charts, I had to go for a walk to process it but ended up just dancing in the street! I feel really proud and free. I didn’t really have any expectations in terms of achievements. I just wanted to give my song the biggest life possible and was too busy pitching and working the song to truly consider what could come from it. It’s been phenomenal.

For the short term, I may be planning to expand on the world of Moonchild with something visual, and I’m planning to record some more music I’ve written and show people other aspects of my sound and artistry. Long term, star in more television, film and eventually release a poetry book. My creativity definitely expands outside the realm of music. I feel like it weaves and moulds through many mediums and I’m so excited to share art that moves and inspires people in new ways."

Who are your inspirations when it comes to Artists/Bands but you can only badly describe them. Give me three examples if you can?

"One of the biggest inspirations to me as an artist and a queer person…she wears more makeup then me but is not a drag queen. You could argue that she’s the drag queen of drag queens. The world wanted her and Bradley Cooper to be a real couple but they’re just great actors.

Ok think big mouth, electric guitar, fur coats and gritty 60s music that changed history! Not the tumbling rocks but the…

The powerful heartfelt voice that’s probably brought you to tears at a wedding and “At Last” a movie was made about her life played by none other than Beyoncé. Think beehives and blues."

Moonchild has such a vivid story when I listen to it, could you tell me the story in 10 words or less?

"A fantastical journey of self-empowerment through the eye of a storm."

What was it like to meet the gay pope aka Lady Gaga?

"Meeting Lady Gaga seriously changed everything for me. After meeting Gaga (MY IDOL) who helped me get through the hardest moments in my life, I went home and changed my year 12 subjects to Drama and Music and decided to seriously pursue my dream of becoming an artist. She was even more down to earth in person than I expected and oozed confidence and sexuality, Gaga radiates such a powerful aura.

Growing up in the country I didn’t know or see any other ‘out’ queer people. I felt really isolated and was bullied terribly for being “gay” and feminine before I even knew what those words really meant. Listening to Gaga’s music and diving into her expansive, colourful worlds provided an escape into a place where I felt like I belonged. Hearing her speak about self-love and fight for LGBTQ+ rights so passionately made me realise that there was nothing wrong with me, I deserve to take up space and receive the same respect as anyone else. "

Creep questions.

Fav smell?

"Jasmine and Lavender! (Separately)."

What’s your coffee order?

"I don’t actually drink Coffee! French Earl Grey Tea or Melbourne Breakfast Tea are my favs."

Current toothbrush colour?


Hard bed or soft bed?

"Soft bed and fine thread count thanks."

Heels or sneakers?


What are you wearing right now?

"I could make this up but I actually like what I’m wearing so let’s tell the readers the truth! I’m serving a teal blue lacey garment styled with my favourite witchy crystal pendant, matching blue eyeshadow and platform rainbow docs. "

Few things your new fans should know about you?

"I’m actually a twin! I was born 1 minute before my twin sister so my birth certificate literally says “Elder of twins”…that’s right, I’m an elder! Not even Dumbledore was born a spiritual elder. I never let my twin forget it.

I’m a massive literature and theatre nerd. Studying poetry texts, characterisation and symbolism in film, television and plays as a teenager really helped shape me as an artist and inspired me to create my own expansive worlds for people to escape into and see parts of themselves reflected.

I’m Greek (Ikarian) on my Dad’s side and Swedish, Spanish, English and Welsh on my Mum’s side. I’m a European combo!"

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