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Interview: 'Take It From Me', Lucy Francesca Dron Is One To Watch

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Photography: Phoebe Faye

Lucy Francesca Dron is a young artist with music running through her veins. She has an incredible ability to produce multi-faceted, genre-defying tunes to accompany lyrics that perfectly encapsulate the angsty growing pains we all feel as we mature. Her newest single ‘Take It From Me’ dips into these very notions. This single will form the heart of her anticipated EP Leftovers, set to drop in 2021. We had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the lovely Lucy, unfurling all the intricacies of her new single and more.

It is impossible to listen to ‘Take It From Me’ without noticing its uniqueness. Lucy’s voice has the smokey jazz undertones of Amy Winehouse with the agility and featheriness of a seasoned opera singer. Listen out for the beautiful moment on the word “mine” in the breakdown of the single, where Lucy glides through what sounds like 100 different notes with total ease and control. Dissecting where the inspiration behind these moments is pulled from;

I’ve played cello, so I have a very melodic ear I guess…I grew up with lots of classical music and you can kind of hear that in the runs I do…It (classical music) has definitely seeped into my brain, growing up with all of that”.

If Lucy’s voice alone hadn’t already gripped you, her lyrics no doubt will. She describes ‘Take It from Me’ as “the burst of it”; the grand crescendo where all your emotions pour out on to the floor and you have other choice but to face them.

When I write, it’s kind of a burst of emotions. I think ‘Take It From Me’ is just about being very overwhelmed and emotional, and being in love and it being overwhelming. That (theme) will definitely run through the EP. I feel like (‘Take It From Me’) is the heart of it (the EP)… and the song after that is the heartbreaking one… it’s very sad haha, and then the last song is almost accepting endings... so, the EP kind of builds up; it’s an emotional thing of building up and growing up”.

Her lyrics depict poignant chaos, illustrating perfectly the colourful fuzz flying around your brain while navigating your way in and out of love. “Oh I think I'm going/ Oh I think I'm just growing up/ Where am I going? All my love is growing/ Oh this love is blowing me up”. Her repetitions of certain phrases and lines stir up musical whirlpools, each orbit seeing the bass line add a slick new line or the drums tie in a very tight fill. This smooth sound is the result of lots of searching for just the right band synergy. With Lucy on guitar and her brother, Tom, on bass, the hunt for the right drummer was long but worthwhile; “It was really hard finding a drummer for ages, well like, even a band…it’s really nice, really perfect when you finally find it

You can hear the trio’s musical synergy in the tight rhythmic pockets and crunchy melodic choices that so perceptively complement the message behind ‘Take It From Me’. Lucy corroborated this notion, speaking on the artistic process behind the EP; “With both Tom and Tex…I don’t really have to say anything. I can just sort of play it and they just jump into it. It makes it a lot easier

Actually, there’s a bass line at the end… my brother and I were really drunk, and we were just jamming the song and I was like ‘play this!’ (Lucy proceeds to sing a perfect rendition of the outro bass line in ‘Take It From Me’) … I will just show them ideas and bring them stuff and they’re amazingly talented and can just do the most perfect thing for the track”.

With everything falling into place, Leftovers is set to be a stunning showcase of Lucy Dron’s maturation as not only an artist, but a young adult. The songs featured on her last EP, Eloquim, were written by Lucy when she was only 16. Talking about how Leftovers reflects her more recent life experiences, Lucy touched on the fact that she “wrote most of the songs on this EP (Leftovers) when (she) was 17 and 18, so it’s kind of reflecting that time and its definitely completely different to (her) last EP”.

There is so much to be excited about when it comes to Lucy Dron's future in music.

With artistic intuition spans well beyond her years, this more than capable musician has unlimited head room for success. We will most definitely be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for what will be a very exciting EP release in 2021.

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