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INTERVIEW: Thomas Headon talks 'Georgia', Touring, and 2023 Plans.

Thomas Headon has been winning hearts worldwide with his heartfelt pop tunes and sunny personality ever since his 2019 debut, and latest single 'Georgia' is no exception, with a blissfully joyful mix of acoustic guitar, upbeat drums, and witty lyricism.

The Australian-British singer has had a huge 2022, including tours, festival appearances, release of EP Victoria, and of course, the aforementioned, instantly catchy 'Georgia'.

I recently had a chance to catch up with Thomas Headon for a super fun chat all about 'Georgia', touring with Remi Wolf, and plans for 2023!


So let’s talk about your music! You’ve had a pretty huge 2022, hey!

I think so! Yeah- actually, yeah I have when I think about it!

Haha, I’d definitely say so! You’ve had obviously your ‘Victoria’ ep come out earlier this year, and then more recently your Georgia release- which is so good, I love that song!

Thank you!

Honestly I feel so spoilt being in the southern hemisphere and being in summer when it came out? It feels like a very summery tune.

I was saying this all along !! and all the Brits were like ‘No we need to release it now.’ So I’m glad you got it being in summer.

Haha yeah, it’s for the Australians! We get to have it for our beach trips and Summer stuff.

Yeah! Totally. I was coming home just in time for it.

Yes! ‘Georgia’ is such a gorgeous tune- how did that one kinda come about?

You know what, I actually wrote it ages ago. I think I wrote it probably over a year ago from when it came out?

I write so many songs on my own and then kinda send them to people to ask “What do you think of this, should we do something with this, should we not.”

We sat with it for just ages and ages, just as a guitar and a voice memo basically, and then eventually I produced it up with my friend Stephen who I do a lot of music with. And then again, it just kinda sat there for I think three months? And the Victoria EP was done and we were kinda like we oh we might release something- it was such a throwaway song and then it came out and it was like oh yeah! We like it, it’s fun!

Like oh yeah this one's actually really good!

Yeah! It was a bit of a surprise. It’s a long one- but it got there in the end.

It had time to grow into its full Georgia-y self.


So what do you think your fave memory was from that long process creating it?

The day I made it with my friend Stephen was one. He’s actually my roommate and he’s my best friend in the whole world and every time we make music together it’s really chill- we’re not fans of the whole “Yo start at twelve and like done at six, and lunch break in the middle”. Our studio is a ten-minute walk from our house- there have been mornings where we’ve been together and we have a mimosa in the morning, and then make our way to the studio.

Haha taking it very easy.

Yeah it’s very relaxed. I think it was one of those days we got coffee, and went for a walk.. Oh also, I tweeted about this- the day I made Georgia- I spent the morning- Stephen had to do something with a car- and I spent the morning listening to Harry Styles’ new album which at the time was Harry’s House- so that was my morning of that song. The studio was just so much fun and relaxed- so I think making it with him- Oh God it sounds like I’m being a simp for my best friend.

Hahaha no I get it working with someone you’re friends with is just so nice!

Yeah! It’s cute.

So cute. So more recently, moving into the new year- it’s only just started and you’ve done some huge stuff- you just toured with Remi Wolf!

Yeah! That was fun.

How was that?

Really really fun- it was also so fun cause I’ve been listening to her music for so long. She was probably the soundtrack of my lockdown- and it wasn’t expected either, I was purely just home for Christmas and the offer came through and I was like “Oh my God that’s dope!”

I was really intimidated- cause obviously she’s so cool and her band is so cool, I love her music- but it was the most rewarding thing ever ‘cause her and her band and her team around her were just so nice- just the most lovely people in the world they’re really fun.

And I also got to play the Enmore in Sydney and then the Forum in Melbourne- I think I went to the Enmore when I was 17 and then the Forum I’d never really been to but heard so many things about it, but yeah it was good! Good end to the year and start to the new year.

For sure- kicking it off with a bang. On a similar note- what was your favourite part of that tour? Any like particular memories or just kinda general good vibes all-round?

Yeah it was only two dates but I think just looking back on it- I went into it really nervous to meet her and her team, and I was super aware of how I acted and what they think of you and whatnot, but it just like exceeded my expectations of how incredibly lovely they were? So I think just being able to be there and meet them and speak to them was really lovely.

Do you have any other exciting things coming up for this year? Working on anything?

I’m working on some new music which is fun- I’ve got a couple of support dates coming up- supporting The Vamps in Europe which should be fun, but yeah that’s my plan for the year so far- make a bunch of music, shows where I can, but yeah that’s it!

I’m really excited to focus on creating music this year. I haven’t really had a time so far in my career when my only job is to just make music.

Yeah you can kind of just focus on the creative side of things!

Yeah! I’m having a good time. Loving it.

For sure. So you mentioned some Europe dates coming up this year, when you’re touring overseas do you have time to chill and check stuff out a bit? Are you going to try and do some sightseeing when you’re over there or is it pretty go-go-go?

Yeah! I think I’m gonna try to this year- it’s pretty go-go-go normally and like there is time to do stuff but I never do?

I get stressed that I’m not gonna be able to get into the venue or something like that so every time the band goes out for dinner or something I’m like “no I’m gonna stay here”. Doritos on my rider which is a terrible dinner option but you know- I think this year I do wanna go work in a few different places and travel round a bit- see places outside of the inside of a venue.

Yeah awesome! Sounds like you’ve got some really cool stuff coming up and was so nice to chat about the cool stuff that’s already been happening too- I’ll let you go, hope you have a lovely rest of your day!

Thank you! Was lovely chatting to you.

You too!


Thanks so much to Thomas for the chat! You can check out 'Georgia' here:

As well as 'Georgia - but you're sad and it's acoustic' here:

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