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It's a Hot 'Mess' In Iluka's New Single ft. Lime Cordiale

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

We all make mistakes. Remember that lovely bottle of red finished last Thursday night? Maybe your back on the cigarettes again, and trying to hide it from Mum. She's reminding to floss recently as well... are you onto that? No need to worry new single, 'Mess' dropped by Iluka and Lime Cordiale reassures us that it's okay to f*ck up, in fact it's a necessity.

Detailing the loss of a relationship, the song simulateously pulls at the heart strings while pumping it full of life. Playful guitars and a piano are gently complimented by husky vocals.

We were kids, hooked on movie scenes. Chasing a hit of dopamine. Skating sidewalks and staying up all night. Pink lemonade and tangerines. Forever young in our fever dreams.

A more than generous serve of nostalgia. We'd all love to be in those simpler times. However, life gets in the way, sh*t get complicated. People change and grow apart. Somehow they learn to cope but it's not the same.

So put on the PJs, place yourself on the sofa and pour a more than generous glass of red. Now summon you inner Bridget Jones for-

Saturday night.
I'm wondering, where's my mind? You thought that I was doing fine?

That chorus hits like a deflibilator to the chest, shocking us back to life. Not quite as sweet as lemonade and tangerines, loves not always meant to be. Remember, life has a tendency to get complicated.

Yeah, the photo clicks on top a burnout car. And I'm sick, knocking back the cheaper stuff

Sure, Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll is an age old recipe for a good time. And with these short term solutions is the promise of further problems. Iluka and Lime Cordiale are full aware that actions have consequences.

Good days, I remember those good days. With the pleasure came more pain. Can't fix this headspace

Iluka and Lime Cordiale gently remind us when it's time to reflect on our actions - It's okay to f*ck up, in fact its a necessity.

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