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Jack River Climate Panel Discussion + Album And Tour

image by @trippydana

Fans of Jack River (Holly Rankin) are in for a treat with her jam-packed national tour to support the release of the Sugar Mountain Deluxe Album, including the opportunity to attend Climate Hour, a free event just before her Sydney performance at the Enmore Theatre on Friday, 7th of June.

Featuring esteemed experts on ecology and climate science, such as Triple J's Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Take 3 For the Sea's Tim Silverwood, and Professor Lesley Hughes of Macquarie University and The Climate Council of Australia, Climate Hour is a panel discussion lead by Jack River.

Rankin speaks of the importance of sharing her love of nature and conservation through her platform as a performer: “I want to directly inspire young people with personal stories of direct action and expertise, whilst breaking down the social frustration and confusion surrounding such as a massive and overwhelming issue.” Audience members of the panel can expect an open and compassionate discussion toward ways we can shift our attitudes for a more nuanced direction toward action on climate change. In addition to the Climate Hour panel, Jack River will bring along special guest musicians Eves Karydas, Arno Farji, and San Mei to perform with her on the tour.

Bonus tracks of Sugar Mountain Deluxe include the new single ‘Adolescent’, a sassy song about love and obsession with a punchy guitar riff and stomping beat, acoustic reworkings of singles, as well as a cover of the evocative Neil Young classic ‘Sugar Mountain’, a powerful lament on the loss of youth. In the context of Rankin bringing awareness to the urgency of issues such as climate change and its life-changing implications for future generations, the cover of Neil Young's 'Sugar Mountain' takes upon a whole new meaning, encapsulating the sense of loss within the natural world.

Friday, 7th June: Enmore Theatre, Sydney

With Eves Karydas and San Mei

RSVP to Climate Hour:

Saturday, 8th June: Metropolis, Fremantle

With Arno Faraji and San Mei

Tickets (18+) Friday, 14th June: The Gov, Adelaide

With Eves Karydas and San Mei

Tickets (18+)



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