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Jade Bird Opens Up The Heavens With New Single

Indie rock darling Jade bird is a rising star, releasing music off the heels of a critically acclaimed album topping the UK charts in 2019. At only age 22 Jade Bird brims with potential on her new single ‘Open up the heavens’ taking us on a journey through her musical career, life and love. In a way the track marks a new page turned in the chapter of Jade Bird's life.

"She thought she had life pegged. looking at her mum and her grandma’s respective divorces and confidently concluded that any relationship of hers would also end up doomed".

With an upbeat tempo and lyrics of youthful exploration ‘Open up the heavens’ imparts the cathartic feeling of change and the joy of breaking out into new ideas awash with new perspectives. With a smooth soft indie Rock element and a hint of 90’s garage grit, Jade Birds vocals reminiscent of Alanis Morrissette but with a unique honesty.

"Open up the heavens was written and recorded two days before I had to fly home from recording in Nashville,” said Jade. “I’d heard stories about the last song you write for a record being the best, so I was searching for that in the vocal booth of RCA that evening. Halfway into the riff Dave (Cobb) pops his head in and says "you should really do something with that." So I did. I sent the song to him 2 hours later and before I knew it, everyone was brought back in and we were tracking my favourite song on the record.”

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