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Jazz-Rock Powerhouse Phil Stack’s ‘Colourful, Noisy’ Goes On Tour

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Phil Stack, long-time bass superstar for both Thirsty Merc and jazz legend James Morrison, has just dropped his debut album Colourful, Noisy. If any proof was needed regarding Stack’s artistic brilliance, this jazz infused pop-rock album is it.  

There is no doubt Stack’s has injected every morsel of his talent into this strikingly curated album. It opens with the intro track, ‘Redemption’ and the first taste of layered, expansive vocal harmony, a recurring staple of almost all the tracks to come. We also hear Stack’s powerhouse vocals for the first time and let’s just say…it does not disappoint. 

‘The Centreline’ follows and is possibly the most tasteful Christian-pop-rock-band-esque song heard in a long time. It is a huge crescendo of grand piano and rock drums with a dirty, intense guitar riff that soars in and out of the chorus. Stack's vocals have a strong and punchy delivery, giving ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ vibes in the best way possible. 

‘It’s a Cold Life’ is an unsuspecting album highlight. It is an incredibly smooth, brush stroke ballad with pillowy vocals and sexy brass interjections. It almost feels like the warmup to ‘Share Your Dreams’, a neighbouring song that balances Stack’s unmistakable double bass licks with hints of tambourine and other percussion. This tune feels positive and uplifting through his sterling lyrics ‘let’s build up from the ground/so share your dreams with me’.

Stack’s first solo release in 5 years, Colourful, Noisy is exactly what it says on the packet. It is an explosive cross-genre marriage of beautiful vocals and surprising yet satisfying instrumentation. This album takes you on a journey that is both stirring and inspirational, while also heavy and thought provoking. It is hard not to feel the passion that radiates from this 7-track masterpiece and one can only imagine that it will be even better live at his two upcoming album launch concerts. 


Phil Stack – ‘Colourful, Noisy’ Album Launch 2020

Tickets ‘here’

Thursday, 15th October (6pm and 8.45pm)

Mary’s Underground, Circular Quay, Sydney

Praise for Phil Stack

“The man, it turns out, can really sing… the record is a cascading meditation on the perils of being alive”” ★★★★ Sydney Morning Herald 

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