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Jess Kent puts us on Cloud Nine with New EP 'Parking Karma'

You may know Jess Kent from her 2015 track ‘Get Down’, which was featured heavily on Triple J Unearthed. The Sydney artist recently released her EP No One Else which is her boldest body of work yet. Radiating fun, energy and universally-relatable lyricism; Jess Kent feels like the future of Australian pop.

The first track of the EP is No One Else, feels like a bouquet of fresh flowers – it’s sweet, its pretty and if I had synaesthesia, I know it would give off hues of soft pinks and yellows. The song sounds like a sunny day love song, but the lyrics “I tried my best to lose you / but I can’t find no one else” tell a bittersweet story.

Imagine a 90’s video game filled with cute bunnies - It’s adorable, fun and definitely puts you on 'Cloud Nine'. The bubbly pop beats paired with Jess Kent’s fast pace rap-singing makes this a stand out track on the album.

Slowing it down, 'Life Happens' is a soulful groove with playful touches of autotune. Like a strawberry-flavoured medicine, this is the track to pick you up when you need sweet healing. 'Mood Ring' is soundtrack to the perfect day, it’s uplifting and fun, yet soft and breezy – with a delectable hook!

The final song on the EP is 'Hi, It Me'. Starting off with the choice instrument of 90s indie darlings, the ukulele - is this the start of the uke' renaissance? 'Hi, It Me' is an anthem of the lockdown assuring us that ‘you can always FaceTime’. Its charming in its bedroom minimalism and sweet lyrics rounding out 'Parking Karma' perfectly.

This EP will make you feel like you're living in a Nintendo world and you’ll never want to leave - Jess Kent has showed us Australian bubble-gum pop done right, period.





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