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Julia Jacklin Blesses Us With Two New Songs For Sub Pop Singles Club

Image via Julia Jacklin socials

The 7" single features 'To Perth, Before The Border Closes', backed with 'Cry'.

The two songs were released for the latest volume of Sub Pop's subscription series Sub Pop Singles Club. Jacklin joins the likes of Eddie Vedder, Father John Misty and Guerilla Toss on Volume 5 of the ongoing series.

The double-sided single is her first new release since her stunning sophomore album Crushing, and continues the musical style and lyrical themes of the 2019 release.

"Everything changes / Everything is changing" croons Jacklin on 'To Perth, Before The Border Closes'. Everything has changed since we last heard from her on last year's Crushing. The song is about wanting to return to a city that felt like home in amongst a turbulent time.

"I’ve moved around a lot the last 5 years; chasing things, love, work, something new, whatever and there’s always this fear that I’m leaving good things behind just to go somewhere else and be lonely," says Jacklin. "Whispering ‘everything changes’ to myself helps get me to sleep at night. I started writing this song in Melbourne and finished it in Perth. It was like a little song bridge between the two cities to make the change easier.”

She also released a music video for the song, which she describes as "like a camcorder comedy/horror regional Australia tourism ad montage clip".

'Cry' is a lightly swung country-pop number about hiding your feelings and trying to find a place to cry alone. It features the kind of confessional, introspective lyrics that we've come to expect from Jacklin since she broke through on her 2016 debut Don't Let The Kids Win.

It's a style that has made her one of the most exciting Aussie singer-songwriters at the moment. It's only been a year and a half since Crushing but we can't wait to hear whatever full-length project this talent cooks up next.

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