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Julia Michaels Drops New Single 'Hurt Again' Alongside Stunning EP

After her undoubtedly incredible successes with Grammy Award winning song Issues, and collaboration with Selena Gomez on 'Anxiety', Julia Michaels is back again with catchy new single, 'Hurt Again'. The single release comes along side a new EP, Inner Monologue Part 2, dropped on the 28th of June. With already over 3.3 million streams on the new EP, and the new single released world wide, Michaels is definitely going to shake up the pop music scene with such an incredible release. The darling songstress returns with her signature infectious pop, with catchy lyrics, quirky rhythmic sections, and a feel good vibe.

“I tried to just be purely, authentically me -- four songs were written by myself, which is the most songs written by myself on a release that I’ve done, which is pretty scary. … There’s nothing scarier than putting out a song that’s close to your heart and people not liking it, because it’s almost like they’re saying that they don’t like a part of you. That’s super scary. But this is why I do what I do.”

'Hurt Again' truly shows off the singer songwriter's talents as a lyricist and a musician. The lyrics in the new single are just like all of Julia's other hits; real, raw and relatable. The pop tune evokes such a nostalgic feeling through the lyrical content. Alongside the breezy rhythm section, the new single is such a fun and light-hearted song; such a vibe!

What’s notable about 'Hurt Again' is the space in the production. It isn’t over produced, over complicated and clouded with effects and sound. It has this real carefree and effortless feel, which is refreshing to the musical palette. It’s a little stripped back and it really highlights that (effect) less is more in this case.

“Some songs came after being heartbroken, some came when I was in love with somebody… Some came when I was in a dark place, just with myself.”

Paired with Julia's beautiful vocal tones, switching between subtle and breathy to strong and full, what isn’t to love about the new single?! If you’re as big of a fan as I am, I promise you wont be disappointed by 'Hurt Again'.

Check out Julia Michaels tour info for upcoming shows down below:

Wednesday, 4th of September, 2019- The Forum, MEL

Thursday, 5th of September, 2019- Enmore Theatre, SYD

Saturday, 7th of September, 2019- The Tivoli, BNE



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