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Kai Cult Say ‘OK BOOMER’ With New EP

Photo by Rob Carroll

Hailing from Melbourne, energetic and expressive post-punk artist, Kai Cult, has unveiled his newest EP, ‘OK BOOMER’. With an unignorable sound begging to be heard and an undeniably relevant essence submerged throughout the entire EP, ‘OK BOOMER’ demands attention, using the audience to foster feelings of change and inspire discussion. Charged from the tribulations of 2020, Kai Cult delves into issues surrounding immigration, politics and the pandemic, creating not only relevancy, but using voice to raise awareness. Both musically and conceptually, this EP becomes an inescapable reminder of the present surroundings that haunt our world, but more positively, the power of music to express our own opinions and beliefs.

‘Let Me Stay’ acts as the intrusive opener that sparks all the potential for this EP. This loud, one-minute burst of energy entrances the listener with powerful guitar and unmissable vocals, expertly laying the foundations of this EP. Followed by ‘Cigarette Burns’, a juxtaposition of sound is created. Toned down (just a little), 'Cigarette Burns' holds an anthemic-like vocal performance that acts as a major earworm. Of course, all of this culminates to a chaotic final section of the song, taking the track’s unmissable “I’m doing okay” line, and flipping it to a contrasting level of chaos and recklessness.

This track perfectly intertwines into ‘OK BOOMER’s lead single, ‘Massive Checks’. Taking a grimier and grungier approach from the initial seconds, this track shifts the very foundations of the EP, and presents a new duality to Kai Cult. Captivating and, at times, haunting, this song conjures up a somewhat uncomfortable feeling that commands to be explored, making it quite an intriguing track- let alone a single that will draw audiences in. This becomes more important when delving into the song itself, which becomes a commentary of millennial life, and the ramifications of materialism and debt in these somewhat dystopian times.

‘Time’ is once again lathered in a hauntingly apocalyptic sound, bursting at the very seams with feelings of intrusion and discomfort- but in the best way possible. This track utilises a simple but chaotic vocal sequence to explore the feelings of loss and the common pleads of more time with the people we love the most. The performance of this track is masterfully created to echo the sense of loss and vulnerability at such times, and the often helpless and non-succeeding nature of such cries. This disturbing feature is a true standout of the five tracks.

Finalising the EP is ‘For Real’, a hybrid track that truly showcases the duality of this unrestricted artist. A more spoken and solemn approach, this track is certainly more relaxed than its counterparts. As a closing track, this does provide the potential to be considered a lack-laster final song to the EP. However, within the context of the EP, and Kai Cult describing it as a response to the events of 2020”, I think such a closer comes as a reminder of the struggles that remain, and the lack of closure received from the chaos of 2020.

Kai Cult’s unapologetically abrupt and deeply reflective EP, ‘OK BOOMER’ not only provides a rich commentary into the year that was, but utilises a variety of skills to showcase the duality and talents of the artist. More to this, the EP becomes a representation of the chaos and lack of closure felt by all, and the ability to reflect and make change through song. ‘OK BOOMER’ is a reflective listen that aims to make change- and it all starts with you putting in your earphones!


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