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Killer 'Clowns' Release Ripper Single 'Does It Matter?'

Updated: May 26, 2021

Melbourne Punk Rockers Clowns have stumbled out of the stolen limousine that's their 2021 and uninvited, strolled straight into the party. 'Does It Matter?" is the exciting return of the Dynamite Melbournites who have been busy writing since the release of 2019's Nature/Nuture album.

Carefree rebellion is drummed into the hearts of the listener, with an opening riff and lyrics wild enough to let you know the circus is here.

I'm stealing a car, From my a***hole neighbour's front yard

Gonna drive it, through the door,

Of the Casino'

This exuberant and enduring poetry from Clowns doesn't just symbolosie their band, it embodies it. With Clowns quoted as saying, "This song is about breaking the law. We all do it sometimes - and if you say you don't then chances are you are a liar or a coward."

It's hard to hold back a smile when hearing the playful exuberance of Clowns, one grins even more hearing a structured maturity instrumentally.

The band has been working with Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, Ariana Grande) and the amount of polish Clowns has developed is evident in how enjoyably filthy 'Does It Matter?' is. A soft female sung bridge provides a calm just as we're thrust back into the youthful storm.

'Even though time is infinite,

I'm not thinking 'bout the next minute'

With recording done at Red Door Studios in Melbourne courtesy of Woody Annison, (The Living End). The new thrash-happy track saw the band evolve sonically, while 'still maintaining the same raw energy of our practiced ‘thrash about’ playing style. You can take the band out of the punk studio, but you can’t take the punk out of the band.”

The mix, a salient balance of mayhem truly feels like Clowns cleanest act yet. Fresh guitars, snapping drums and an evoking melody reminiscent of an offspring of ‘The Offspring’ put spikes on this energetic ball of a tune.

While hearing the most Clowns song the Melbourne ring leaders have created, you can't help but feel the warmth of an Australian sun, the sound of beertins cracking and an overall comfort knowing everything's ****** and you might as well enjoy it.

Photo: Tim Lambert

This punk-thumping toe tapper from Clowns has you throwing your cares away, caution to the wind, and baby out with the bath water, as we are all left asking ourselves ‘does it matter?’



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