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Kirklandd's Halloween Hitters

It's that spooky time of the year when 'Monster Mash' is played on repeat and Mean Girls continues to provide costume inspiration to people everywhere ("I'm a mouse... duh"). That's right, it's Halloween, and to celebrate in style we caught up with genre-bending rapper / songwriter Kirklandd who has provided us with a list of his horror movie Halloween Hitters for 2022.

Known for his ability to mash genres, blurring the lines between 2000s punk and hip-hop, Sydney-based artist Kirklandd recently unleashed his adrenalin-infused single 'OTHERSIDE', produced by Taka Perry (Denzel Curry, A.GIRL, Sycco).

Boasting a heated mix of instrumentals, moving from cutting-edge riffs to stadium-ready lyrical hooks, tied together with ferocious production, 'OTHERSIDE' is quickly becoming a Halloween anthem, perfect for moshing monsters and dance-floor demons.

So hold onto your witches hats and grab the popcorn - because Kirklandd's top Halloween movies will leave your spine chilled and your bumps goosed.


Kirklandd: I feel like good horror films are really hard to come by. If you’re bunkering down and hitting up some horror films with your homies this weekend for Halloween, here are some Halloween Hitters to throw in the watch list:

1. Hereditary

We’re kicking off with a masterful work of horror. With equal parts horror and traumatising family dialogue, Hereditary takes the cake as my best horror film of all time. It’s marketed to be a conventional horror film, but its emotional epicenter of family drama is deeply disturbing, and you’ll leave more haunted by the interaction of the characters than the most intense moments of horror in the film.

2. The Shining

I remember hating the ending of this film when I first saw it, but over the years it’s grown on me. Stanley Kubrick’s sophisticated method of filmmaking makes this film stand in a league of its own, and Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall’s performances are incredible. There’s actually a documentary of how Shelley developed intense anxiety because of Kubrick’s unorthodox methods of filmmaking to enhance her performance – which were highly questionable, even though they led to a great film.

3. The Thing (Original)

John Carpenter’s original The Thing ties in with Hereditary for my goat horror film. Back in the 80s (before the days of CGI), Rob Bottin crafted some truly mindblowing special effects for this film. Alien tentacles, walking heads, and exploding torsos are all designed by hand from scratch, and this alone makes it the most impressive horror film of its era. Kurt Russell also not being able to tell who is and who’s not an alien makes for some dope tension too.

4. Barbarian

Just throwing this in the list because the trailer was marketed as ‘Justin Long’s New Movie’ which is fire as hell. Trailer looks good, super curious.

5. Oldboy

Not conventional horror, but probably the most messed up plot twist of all time. Oldboy’s an iconic Korean film, with a masterful one-take fight scene shot from within a wall with 50 assailants fighting the main character, wielding a hammer, in a corridor. It’s bloody, brutal, superbly written and requires proper preparation for the ending.


'OTHERSIDE' is out now!

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