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Let Yourself 'Crumble'. Sincerely, GENES

GENES has perfectly encapsulated the sound of anxious excitement with a first love in latest single ‘Crumble’. Already amassing over 55 thousand streams on Spotify since its release, the pop track is proving itself to be one to rival. A cocktail of intense emotions, GENES lets her vocals shine through in 'Crumble'. GENES is the solo project of songwriter Maddy Rowe, and with previous singles ‘Kind of Bi’ and ‘Cherry Lips’ already under her belt, ‘Crumble’ proves she is making moves to be in our latest collection of Aussie Pop stars.

Maddy has an impressive song writing resume – collaborating with names such as Will Sparks and Nicky Romero – and her impressive lyricism is noticeable in her music. Honest and sensitive chorus ‘We were dreaming with our eyes open / Right one in the right moment / Deep dive and I couldn’t move / Lean in and I crumble’ allows listeners to fall into that headspace of finding someone you care for more than you anticipated. The depth of GENES' vocals pair with the retro synths and pressured beats to create the sound of falling in love with someone in an indie teen movie. This was exactly what Maddy was looking for, explaining further on the track, “It’s about that overwhelming feeling right before the fall, before you crumble into someone for the first time. Do I catch myself in it, or do I let myself tip completely over the edge? It’s exciting and exhilarating and completely terrifying all at the same time. But, to Crumble is the best part.”

To pair with this release, Genes introduced us to Brisbane with five of her favourite spots in town.

"[I] grew up in Melbourne for 24 years of my life before moving up to sunny FNQ in Townsville for a couple years and now I’m here in Brisbane for work. There’s that saying “Home is where the Heart is” or whatever, and my heart is very much in Brisbane right now. We had the floods earlier on in the year which brought the community together, and really showed me how resilient the people of Brisbane and Queensland can truly be. Aside from that, the weather is great, the heat and sun in the mornings is good for my little soul and the food is almost as good as Melbourne (don’t hate me for saying that). "

KX Pilates Newstead "I’ve started going to pilates religiously since the start of the year, and I mean it when I say it has literally changed my LIFE. I really struggle to switch off most days, and find that everytime I’m exercising I’m thinking about that email, or that thing on the to-do list or that person I forgot to call, BUT there’s something about pilates that just helps the brain switch off. I think it’s the fact you have to lift your leg here and pull your arm up in a different position and then move your body and core and neck all at the same time - it leaves no room for you to think about anything else, and for me, that is a GOD SEND. Love this place and love the beautiful instructors that run the classes too."

The Brown Snake "Don’t let the colour deceive you, the silly little river walks keep me sane and bring me peace on a daily basis. There’s something about water (even if it’s brown) that calms and sometimes gives me some inspiration for the next song. “I was walking by the water” - a lyric in Crumble. CASE IN POINT. " Unbearable Bagels "I eat a bagel from this place EVERY WEEKEND WITHOUT FAIL. I knew it was a problem when one of the staff members said “back again?”... Genuinely though, the best bagels I’ve ever had and yes I WILL be back again. And again and again. "

The Story Bridge "When I moved here in December, mum and I got our tourist on (as you can see) and climbed the Story Bridge. Brisbane has some of the most amazing views from up there. Highly recommend doing it if you’re a visitor, or if you live in Brisbane - just a reminder of how lucky we are to live in this beautiful city. "

Powerhouse Markets "You know you’re becoming an adult when you get too excited about taking a walk to the Saturday markets to buy sunflowers and fresh produce and a little breakfast treat. But that’s what my life is now and I’m okay with it. Try the gozlemes, the fresh mango juice and the G-Free donuts. Incredible."

With her repertoire building with each single she lets us have a taste of, and an active outside life in Brisbane city, GENES is on the fast track forward to being a household name.

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