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Lili Kendall Releases New Single 'love, herself'

As her first release of the year, soft pop darling Lili Kendall has put her new and luscious love song out to the airwaves of the world. ‘love, herself' provides listeners with a fresh, upbeat and driven feel that is different from her other recent singles. The new single’s dreamy music video counterpart also allows listeners to dive deep into the pink and heavenly universe that is Lili Kendall.

Combining the trap production vibes of Ariana Grande and airy vocals resembling Alina Baraz, Kendall sings a blissful ode to love. Personifying love, ‘love, herself’ sends listeners into a lovesick daydream, displaying emotions of lust, luck and longing. Containing beautifully constructed harmonies and soothing, roomy guitar strums, the pop ballad boasts the LA based Aussie singer’s relatable emotional depth and femininity.

With a debut album coming in late 2019, ‘love, herself’ excites expectations and sets Kendall up as one to watch in the land of divine and passionate young artists. After writing for over six months, Kendall describes the future album as a collection of her favourites.

The ‘love, herself’ music video, said to be the “cherry on top of the song,” radiates warmth and sweetness as Kendall sports her signature hot pink buzzcut in a variety of lush locations. Creating a luminous, fantasy-like reality, the shots showcase the importance of people and connection, radiating the very heartfelt and personal style of the track.

With a long line of successful singles, including the exquisite 'love, herself’, and a much anticipated debut album, Kendall is well on her way to sharing her sweet and sugary creations with a vast array of new people. Her hard work and dedication has evidently paid off, and listeners should be extremely eager to see what delicious musical treats the upcoming album has to offer.



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