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LIVE REVIEW - Eves Karydas at Woolly Mammoth

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Friday night saw home-grown pop star, Eves Karydas, bringing her Summerskin tour home for the penultimate show.

Selling out Brisbane’s Woolly Mammoth venue, a crowd consisting of die-hard fans swarmed to support their local talent, Karydas, who put on a show that didn’t disappoint. The social media pages for the event were still in a frenzy with ticket requests from fans, even in the last minutes before the gig. A few punters were also eagerly waiting outside the venue in the hopes to catch a last minute resell.

Right on cue, Eves takes the spotlight, sporting her own merch, she is a sight to behold. Her opening track ‘First Love’ would surely have grabbed the attention of anyone who didn’t already have their attention directed solely at the young artist.

The set offered us every song from the debut album and just couple of extras to satisfy some enthusiastic supporters in the crowd. A chant in request of “Big, Big Love” was met by Eves acknowledging the hecklers who “must have been on the ‘Couch’ tour.” Referring to her rendition of the tribute she gave to the tune if you were lucky enough to have caught her at The Foundry last year.

Although an appearance on Triple J’s Like a Version saw Eves cover Aretha Franklin’s track ‘(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman’ less than a year ago, she gave us all something more and just as special in this show, covering Post Malone’s big 2018 track ‘Sunflower’. Her opening rendition of the song had the instruments stripped back to give way to the powerful vocals Eves has to offer. It’s the type of talent that leaves shivers down your spine.

In true Karydas style, Eves let us all have a glimpse into her deep emotions by recalling some of her experiences from her stint in London. Talking of her first heart break, she let us all in on the roots of her closing track ‘Further than Planes Fly’.

Although the crowd demanded an encore, Eves did not deliver. A disappointed bloke in the middle of the crowd claims we’ve been “stitched up!” He clearly wanted more, as did we all.

However, Eves made her self available at the back of the venue next to the merch stand to meet eager fans who queued up patiently for the chance to meet and take a selfie with her.

Karydas’ young charm leaves optimism for a bold career of which we have only seen the beginning.




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