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LIVE REVIEW - Falcona 10th Birthday Party @ The Wool Shed

It was a bleak Melbourne day, with Uber surcharge through the roof, and wind that stung like a peanut allergy to the face. Approaching the Chernobyl-esque Wool Shed, there wasn’t anything that screamed party from this facade, but with each step closer, an electricity could be felt. A soft hum over the horizon, soon turned into a powerful roar. As if entering the door lifted the lid of this pandora’s box of fun, the moment you passed through that entrance opened up a whole new world - and this world was ready to f*cking party.

Celebrating their 10th birthday, Falcona music agency pulled out every last party trick they had, and boy did this piñata deliver some tasty treats. From lavish production, to risqué onstage stunts, all capped off with Hot Dub Time Machine - from top to bottom there is no denying Falcona can throw a party.

A collection of some of the finest acts Australia has to offer, including some rising stars packed out the one main stage inside the warehouse. From indie pop dream boys, Approachable Members of Your Local Community starting this writer’s day with some hip shaking, feel good vibes, and a chuckle or two from some friendly banter, these lads are quickly becoming a tour de force of festival vibes.

Graace took my heart and took me to another planet. A gorgeous song bird that took flight with soul lyrics, but kept us grounded with some party beats - heads were in the clouds but feet were stomping. It was about this point where the rain settled in, the lineup of portable loos that lined the warehouse had become comparable to mudslide, but inside was on fire.

Paces and Young Franco filled the air with some rounded beats and a stage presence to match - but we need to take a full moment out of our lives to talk about Running Touch. Who not only captivated the now full warehouse with a fury, but who had me gasping when launching himself from into the sky from a ladder that was far too high for me to think any OH&S should’ve approved it. A roar from the audience followed this quite spectacular movement - it was something simple, but oh boy did it get the crowd rowdy.

Taking the crown of most iconic performance of the evening was the queen George Maple. Joined by an entourage of also seemingly god-like humans. The production levels jumped to a whole nother level - matching Maple’s aura of beauty and grace. Powerful, beautiful and an absolute riot.

The clock struck 8.00, the dial turned up to 11 and then the dial broke. The energy levels went to a place that (basing on the look of the structural integrity of the warehouse) could’ve torn the place down. DMA’s was met onstage with a screaming crowd that sang, danced and partied nonstop for the full hour. This Aussie favourite constantly delivers a set that solidifies themselves as a staple for any festival. Jumping between their earlier releases and newer tunes, the crowd did not miss a beat or a lyric.

Ending the night in the best way possible was Hot Dub Time Machine. A man that’s taken his party around the world, to more wineries than you could list, Hot Dub closed out the party on the highest of highs. An hour just wasn’t enough for this DJ to fully flesh out his time-warp from them 70s to now, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t make the most of our time together. Breaths were taken, lungs were empty, vocal chords were definitely torn as each second was filled with belter after belter turning this party into some sort of warehouse karaoke/pub choir situation. Decked out with all the confetti cannons, flares and everything in between - this was a definition of a party.

Sometimes it’s good to celebrate and that’s exactly what Falcona did. With nothing but good family vibes, and a setlist of some of the best festival artists Australia is lucky to call theirs, Falcona delivered massive day that we’re still recovering from. This was some of the most fun I’ve had in such a long time. To Falcona, thank you and happy f*ckin’ birthday.



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