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LIVE REVIEW: Mallrat Mesmerises at Fortitude Music Hall

Grace Shaw, who performs as Mallrat, is by this point in her career no stranger to the live show. I can confidently say though, that the Butterfly Blue album tour is her at her very best.

The beloved Brisbane local has packed out the Fortitude Music Hall with fans eager to hear and sing along to big hits and deep cuts alike, and there is excitement in the air from the moment we move into the venue. The staging is adorable. Stuffed animals are draped across the instruments set up across the back of the stage and behind them, a really cool light feature has been installed. The vibe perfectly encapsulates a Mallrat show. It’s a blend of cosy intimacy, with softly whispered lyrics feeling like a sleepover confession between just you and her- and something spectacular and showy, reasserting her as an absolute pop icon.

Before Mallrat even begins, we’re treated to two absolutely incredible performances courtesy of the support acts- the absolutely iconic biblemami and Cat & Calmell.

It’s biblemami’s first Brisbane show, and I’m sure everyone will be hoping she comes back soon as she performed her heart out to a mix of super energetic, clubby songs- ‘maneater’ and ‘bunny’ are especially fun.

Cat & Calmell are up next and the duo are absolutely mesmerising. Moving seamlessly across the stage as they swap sides throughout the set, they play an amazing set. Newest release ‘Overstimulated’ is absolutely therapeutic to hear live, and ‘Cry’ and ‘Dramatic’ are also massive hits with the crows.

Shaw took to the stage to resounding cheers and began with the dreamy ‘Wish on an Eyelash’, before moving into ‘Surprise Me’ and ‘Nobody’s Home’. She’s an absolute joy to watch on stage, floating from one side of the stage to the other to interact with every side of the crowd, and her good mood overjoys the audience as she exclaims ‘I’m so happy to be home!’

She takes a heart-adorned poster from the crowd proclaiming her the ‘Princess of Brisbane’ and introduces herself as such before moving into ‘To You’.

Throughout the set, the impact of her band cannot be understated- it’s the first time she’s had such a full band accompanying her, and they’re absolutely incredible musicians that really elevate her show to the next level. They switch between instruments seamlessly as needed and add some really incredible backing vocals. Alongside the drums, there’s a set of chimes too and I absolutely love the subtle glittery touch it adds.

You really can feel the love with Mallrat and her band too- she proclaims

‘I don’t think anyone has ever loved their employees the way I love my employees! It makes me sick!’

Moving into the last portion of her set, you couldn’t possibly be running low on energy as Mallrat moves into some of her biggest hits, one after the other. From brooding ‘Teeth’ to upbeat ‘Groceries’ and ‘R U HIGH’, everyone was singing and dancing their hearts out.

The set ended with ‘Rockstar’. It was absolutely dreamy- gentle lights swept across stage as she sang to the crowd with everything in her one last time. We left with memories of a fantastic night- a perfectly curated pop experience that could leave no one wanting, from the incredible supports to the perfectly selected set list. What a way to kick off the weekend!

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