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LIVE REVIEW: Sunset with Spacey Jane at Miami Marketta

Photo by Charlie Hardy

There’s always something so nice about a sunset show. Spacey Jane took over Gold Coast’s Miami Marketta for a couple of cosy shows on their recent regional tour. We headed along to the Sunday date, and the early evening show was a fantastic way to finish the week off and get home and ready for the next week coming.

The venue was opened from mid-afternoon, giving everyone plenty of time to check out the outdoor set-up before you even stepped foot in the Marketta. Food trucks offered plenty of food and refreshment options, with everything from cafe drinks to Mexican food and calamari and chips.

The stage was at the far end of the Marketta, with the sky visible behind as the sun started to set. Tons of adorable signage was placed around, welcoming people to the venue and the tour, which made the cutest cosiest environment too.

The show was opened by Ghost Care, an indie rock band who, like Spacey Jane, hail from Perth. The bubbly three-piece were so much fun- I'd absolutely recommend checking them out on Spotify if you haven't. Some highlights of the set for me were 'Kevin Garnett' (the most addictive guitar you'll ever hear), 'Home Run' (a punch to the gut, and gorgeous melodies courtest of bassist/ vocalist Tanaya Harper), and their newest release 'Partying'.

At 6:30, the lights started flashing as Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' played and Spacey Jane took to the stage to roars of excitement. The set began with 'Thrills'- a huge hit with the crows who were singing along from the very first 'Woo!'. 'Lunchtime' was another early favourite- it's a song that was just made to be sung live.

Spacey Jane songs are so special to so many people because of the wide range of emotions they explore within them- you can really feel this as the set ebbs and flows between more quiet and upbeat moments, with the crowd equally enthusiastic regardless.

No matter if the song is old or new, happy or sad, they put on an incredible performance- Peppa Lane bounces around the whole time while providing bass and vocals, and guitarist Ashton Le Cornu is a whirlwind of energy and hair flicks.

Talking with the crowd, they share an anecdote about haircuts- leading to a lot of excited anticipation they'd play their song 'Haircut'- but as the opening chords of 'Good Grief' rang out, no one could possibly feel disappointed- it's an older song and utterly beloved, with the crowd was singing along the entire time. They followed it up with 'Feeding the Family', another crowd fave.

they ended the set with a generous four-song encore- beginning with 'Balmy'- an older one from their catalogue, but definitely one of my favourites, and then moving into some of their biggest hits, adored Australia-wide. 'Hardlight', which just recently came in number 3 in Triple J's Hottest 100, followed by 'Booster Seat'- which a few years back took the number 2 spot. 'Booster Seat' is such an incredible experience live- there's always so much emotion in the crowd and you can feel everyone singing along with everything in them. As has been the case the whole time, the lighting is absolutely dreamy and really elevates the emotion.

They bring the mood back up one last time with 'Good for You', and by 8pm we're heading home and getting ready for the next week after our absolutely cathartic night.

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