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LIVE REVIEW - The Jungle Giants @ Forum Theatre

Opening for a national tour, Melbourne’s Forum Theatre was the location of a bass laden party last week as Sydney’s dance/indie rock machine, The Jungle Giants came to party in celebration of their new single, 'Heavy Hearted'. The band, who seem to have a love of touring, take any opportunity to go on the road and share their music with the release of their latest piece of music being the perfect excuse.

Leading into the main set with two DJs was an interesting choice on the part of the band, especially for one known to not need a heavy lead in.

While Adi Toohey and other DJs, didn’t necessarily pump up the crowd leading into the main set, it highlighted an interesting shift in The Jungle Giants pre-show entertainment, heading away from previous endeavors into other indie bands. Instead, focusing this tour on the expansion of local electronic artists. This also resonates with the groups' most recent release, built on the basis of an electronic jam, with the band’s signature vibe floating over the top of it. Potentially signalling a changing direction for The Jungle Giants in the future.

Of course, a pump-up was not required for The Jungle Giants, the high scale battery of the band had limitless energy, lead from the front by lead vocalist and guitarist, Sam Hales.

Obviously, with only one new release, the onus was on the band’s previous album Quiet Ferocity to carry the bulk of songs through the set. The foursome immediately burst into the title track of the album, 'Quiet Ferocity' before breezing into 'She’s A Riot' and 'On Your Way Down' before a quick reprieve.

The Jungle Giants seemed to be out to play their greatest hits with a set list dripping with their popular numbers the opening salvo, some of their biggest numbers were followed throughout the night by “Used To Be In Love”, “Blinded”, “Feel The Way I Do” and the ever exciting “In The Garage”, a number expressly written for bassist Andrew Dooris and drummer Keelan Bijker to show off their musical prowess.

'In The Garage' always marks a certain point in the Jungle Giants set, before a quick slope home. It’s an exciting final half hour, but you don’t see how fast it’s going by until it’s finished. This feeling was coupled with the apprehension of where 'Heavy Hearted' would fall in a set surrounded by popular recordings. Yet, the set was worked through perfectly, having 'Heavy Hearted' close the bulk of the set, spurring a quick walk off before the encore.

The Jungle Giants had sat on some of their biggest tunes all night to turn the mass of people in the front of house pit into a writhing dance pit one final time, calling on 'You’ve Got Something' and then 'Bad Dream' to close out the show. This track set the crowd off seeing every ounce of energy squeezed from both the band and the crowd before the night was through.

The tour continues this week over in Fremantle on the 21st, before moving onto Adelaide on 28th, Brisbane on the 4th and the band’s final destination Sydney on the 11th and 12th of November.



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