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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: Fresh And Lively Tunes To Sink Into!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Rain, hail, or shine, our favourite artists continue to triumph through the year of 2022- one that is already shaping up to be a year of fine releases, a journey towards new sounds, and the perfect environment to discover even more new acts. This past week has served up an assortment of tracks that are sure to let you drift away into that special place! They’re even more likely to have your repeat button worn out!

Down For Tomorrow - ‘Dark Comedy’

By now, it seems common knowledge that Down For Tomorrow are not merely here to provide music, but to create instant earworms that, with their inspired flair and fresh take on indie-punk, consistently reinvent their own sound and genre parameters. Their latest single ‘Dark Comedy’ proves no different, marking a soaring return since their stunning 2021 release, ‘Sentimental’! Menacing and gritty, ‘Dark Comedy’ begins to show the band’s evolving range and ability to transform on a song-by-song basis. Punchy and powerful, the track is led by its intense drum beats and overarching riff. There is an instant obsession to be found within the chorus and its dynamic composition, mixing passionate vocals with layered and echoing responses which are both passionate and filled with energy. Capturing and exciting, there is so much to love about ‘Dark Comedy’! Luckily you can catch this track at a show near you soon!

Laughter is the answer to chaos and darkness. And while there’s irritation with every obstacle that life throws at us, sometimes the best antidote is to find the hilarity between the cracks” says Cody Stebbings

For fans of: RedHook, The Dead Love, FANGZ

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Greta Stanley - ‘Red Earth Dirt’

Arguably one of Australia’s finest pop songstresses, Greta Stanley is flexing her musical muscles once again, this time with the release of ‘Red Earth Dirt’. Equally melancholic and cathartic, this track is an otherworldly journey, transporting you into a scene of vibrant colours and warm energy. ‘Red Earth Dirt’, both in its lyrics and composition, is an anthem of release and reflection and with its soft and somber presentation, creates such an easy listen. Stanley’s impeccable vocals soar in this release, effortlessly entrancing with an emotive and vulnerable performance that is sure to conjure up a pure and heartfelt connection with any listener.

For fans of: Alice Skye, Asha Jefferies, Milan Ring

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Hope D - ‘Hate Goodbyes’

With every release, Hope D continues to build on her signature pop-rock sound, infusing each track with personal flair and a loveable charm. ‘Hate Goodbyes’ perfectly shows off everything we love about Hope D and more! Primary to this is the addictive juxtaposition between the verse and the chorus, illustrating her complex artistry and ability to seamlessly transition between passionate verses, and even stronger, harder choruses. ‘Hate Goodbyes’ also holds a strong vocal performance filled with emotion and individuality, becoming a vessel for Hope’s personal storytelling- a trait within her music that is not only unmissable but adds a unique and connective layer to every song. Holding the perfect formula, this track will have your attention from the first note to the last (and every play after that)!

For fans of: Teenage Joans, The Buoys, Sycco

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Full Flower Moon Band - ‘Trainspotting’

Hailing from Brisbane, Full Flower Moon Band are the embodiment of perfect chaos, using their relentless creativity to create all-encompassing experimental rock. ‘Trainspotting’ takes a deep dive into whirling riffs, unmissable bass, and a subverted vocal performance that unexpectedly entrances. With a hit of nostalgia, and a cloud of mystery, ‘Trainspotting’ holds an air of unknown that even after multiple listens, continues to draw you back to discover more. In a short time frame of just over two minutes, the band creates a track we cannot stop going back to- proving the age-old question that it really is quality over quantity. ‘Trainspotting’ will leave you in a daze!

For fans of: Concrete Surfers, Mini Skirt, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

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Eliza & The Delusionals - ‘Give You Everything’

We can always count on Eliza & The Delusionals to serve us a hit that is sure to linger with us, and ‘Give You Everything’ is no exception. True to the band’s signature style, the latest track delivers a charming intertwinement of early 2000s energy with the refreshing sounds of now, perfectly capturing a hint of nostalgia among the unheard. Lathering their tracks in the beauty of influence and the spark of imagination, Eliza & The Deusionals never fail to win over audiences. ‘Give You Everything’ once again highlights the beautiful vocal range of the band that ensures there is never a dull moment in the track. Among the more heartfelt and solemn releases of their catalog, this track goes to show that Eliza & The Delusionals are certainly no one-trick pony!

For fans of: Moaning Lisa, Carla Geneve, CLEWS

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George Alice - ‘Haunted’

After countless showstopping singles, this month marked the release of George Alice’s debut EP ‘Growing Pains’. Nestled within the final position of this body of work is ‘Haunted’, a beautiful track that is not merely a perfect conclusion to the journey of the EP, but stands on its own as a strong and heartfelt anthem. With somber beats making a humble foundation, Alice’s delicate and emotive vocals soar, taking the stage and commanding attention from every angle. Ethereal and magical, ‘Haunted’ transports the listener to somewhere calmer, creating a listening experience that is truly otherworldly.

For fans of: Eves Karydas, Sycco, Miiesha

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