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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: High Energy Tracks We Are Eager To Share!

Another week, another incredible lineup of the freshest new tunes! It’s safe to say that Aussie talent has been working overtime this year, giving us top-tier anthems from every music soundscape alike. This week, we take a deep dive into the freshest tracks that are sure to infect your mind with an overwhelming display of energy! Check out this week’s tunes and immerse yourself in the most recent, homegrown talent!

Eli Greeneyes- ‘She Don’t Care’

A melancholic track that blossoms into a self-assertive anthem, ‘She Don’t Care’ takes you through an auditory journey of growth and realisation. Unafraid to build up his own sound identity, we see Eli Greeneyes creating a perfect fusion of indie-pop freshness and R&B nostalgia that weaves its way through audiences with both a tinge of familiarity but an overwhelming feeling of new.

“She Don’t Care is about someone from my past who came along at a time when I was having a lot of mental health issues. Their intentions were extremely different to mine and I was listening to them too much instead of trusting my own intentions and instincts! I lost myself. When I wrote it I thought it was their fault, but now I realise that I also played a part in letting it take that direction. I had to write this song to gain back my true ‘not taking shit’ self."

With thoughtful lyrics that convey such an important message, as well as an extremely emotive vocal performance, this song reaches out in more ways than one, and is an addictive display of storytelling and craftsmanship.

For fans of: The Killers, YUNGBLUD, LAUV

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JUNO- ‘Zero’

Filled to the brim with loveable energy, ‘Zero’ is sure to get you off your feet! Whether it be through the catchy dance beat, or the lyrics that exert a feeling of confidence, ‘Zero’ understands its own worth, capturing attention and proclaiming its place as a not-to-be-missed dance anthem. What makes this more unbelievable is the fact ‘Zero’ is JUNO’s debut single. Although an amalgamation of individuals familiar with the stage (Kahlia Ferguson and Sam Woods), the track has very quickly demonstrated their inspired and powerful working dynamic!

“Songwriting has always felt like a bit of a therapy session for me. I love turning something that feels awful into something that sounds healing. After months of dealing with rumours and hearsay, Sam and I blurted out this song in the studio one morning, piecing together lyrics that made all of us laugh a lot. ‘Zero’ is a great blend of fun, sassy and empowering, embodying the kind of attitude we want to embrace moving forward".

High energy, filled with sass, and undeniably catchy, there is no better way to end the week than with ‘Zero’!

For fans of: Remi Wolf, Lizzo, HER

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Maple Mall- ‘Up In Space’

‘Up In Space’ is a loveable bite taken from Australia’s abundant alt-rock and rock scene. In an inherently Aussie way, Maple Mall has created a comforting track that reaches for the stars whilst still being rooted in the midst of their musical identity. With such a strong and impassioned sense of identity musically, Maple Mall strip down their certainties to lay a new realm of identity on the table; a song about disillusionment, the loss of one’s self, and fighting to reclaim what has been lost. Doing so in such a sincere manner, Maple Mall uses their distinctive vocals, as well as addictive guitar melodies, to remain true to their sound whilst discussing the loss of one’s self- a beautiful juxtaposition that helps define this grueling story.

For fans of: The Terrys, Hockey Dad, Skeggs

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Supathick- ‘Baby, I Feel Love’

Featuring Matt Sevier’s guest vocals, ‘Baby, I Feel Love’ is two minutes and fifty-two seconds of pure auditory bliss. Submerged in an undeniable essence of funk, grimy bass, and ascending vocals, there is truly so much to love about this track. Bringing the past back in style, ‘Baby, I Feel Love’ is laced in nostalgia, but does not for a second feel out of place in the modern sound world. Intertwining worlds, Supathick has created a track that not only holds the best of both worlds, but shows their distinctive edge in blending worlds and sounds together.

“We wrote this song with Matt a couple years ago and honestly, I feel like I’ve had it stuck in my head since 2019. It’s nice to get some uptempo funk back into the world. We recorded the track late last year with Sam Ford (POND, Abbe May) and Matt levelled it up with his gritty vocals. We think it’s a fresh change up from our usual Supathick vocal style.” explains Christian Zappia

Sure to wear out your brain, and your repeat button, ‘Baby, I Feel Love’ is a necessity for your weekend pickup!

For fans of: Parcels, Tom Misch, CHIC

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Hatchie- ‘This Enchanted’

‘This Enchanted’ plunges into an embodiment of its title from the get-go, creating an ethereal, otherworldly soundscape. Enhanced with Hatchie’s delicate vocals, distorted instrumental sections, and faint echoes surrounding the track, ‘This Enchanted’ layers and builds upon itself to create a multifaceted tale, and a track that is hard not to become immersed in! Marking the first single of the year, ‘This Enchanted’ throws Hatchie into a new trajectory, and we can only begin to anticipate what comes next after this magical release. This track is the perfect accompaniment to when your mind just needs to get away!

For fans of: Cocteau Twins, The Sundays, Kylie Minogue

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Hope D- ‘ Happy Hangover’

Following in the footsteps of her debut EP, ‘Cash Only’, Hope D’s follow-up single had some big shoes to fill! In a feat of eager instrumentals, fast-paced and high-energy performance, as well as overly honest lyricism, Hope D has not merely lived up to the hype, but has excelled in creating a song we simply cannot get enough of!

The song is about fully tripping out and having experiences that will later become nostalgic. The lyrics aren't meant to make too much sense, just like the conversations you have when you aren't really on earth on a night like that. Yet they always come back to questioning “if this is really happening?”, because you're having a great time. For me, the memories around that night are one that will always be very highly rated in my lifetime, so I am so stoked that we were able to make the memories into a really fun song”.

‘Happy Hangover’ is fun, intoxicating, and JUST the right amount of chaos!

For fans of: Alex Lahey, King Princess, Tash Sultana

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