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LivewireAU's Six Pack: From Funk To Folk

Thunderfox - 'The Best'

This new single from Thunderfox strikes the perfect balance between melancholy and angst with strikingly contrasting verse/chorus sections. This story of frustration at mixed messages is set on the backdrop of an In Rainbows-era Radiohead vibe for the verses, an 80s funk-pop feel for the choruses, and a guitar solo reminiscent of Santana to top it all off. The tune opens with sultry synths that seem to glide and zoom as if in slo-mo, paired with tasty overlapping claps that almost suggest a Bossa feel. The funk guitar-driven chorus is pleasantly unexpected and hits hard, punching in with a stanky horn line (we love a bari sax moment). With Thunderfox you can always expect tasteful bass that knows when to leave space and when to give us a funky lick. The lightly overdriven synth-bass tone in the chorus really brings the groove home, making ‘The Best’ an instant playlist add.

For fans of: Prince, Radiohead, Mildlife, Santana

Hiatus Kaiyote - ‘Everything’s Beautiful’

The first teaser from Aussie legends Hiatus Kaiyote’s upcoming album Love Heart Cheat Code, ‘Everything’s Beautiful’ is a much-needed dose of grounded optimism featuring breezy flute lines, a bouncy groove perfectly paced for a stroll outdoors, and, of course, all the intricate-arrangement-goodness we’ve come to expect from the supergroup. Nai Palm’s vocals dance effortlessly above uplifting chord changes and twangy keys tones, juxtaposed to her soft and lush vocal layering. The band constantly plays with the rhythmic motifs; the drums and bass follow the vocals in unexpected places, keeping the listener on their toes but never straying far enough to confuse. It’s classic HK at its best, and the message to stop, look around and find beauty in the simple things lands well in these wild times.

For fans of: Stevie Wonder, Thundercat, Erykah Badu

Liv Marlton - ‘Bookmark’

The debut release from Gold Coast artist and multi-instrumentalist Liv Marlton, ‘Bookmark’ is a beautifully introspective song that delicately captures the struggle of letting someone go. An indie tune infused with jazz and folk influences, it’s the perfect tune to cuddle up with a blanket by the window on a rainy day, light a candle and sip a hot cup of tea. Liv’s voice is sensitive, clean and expressive, complimented wonderfully by the soft brushed drums, cello, and fingerpicked nylon string guitar. Her lyrics are simple but loaded with imagery, her melodic choices will tug at your heart strings, and her cello playing brings a cozy warmth to the tone of the song. Marlton is definitely one to watch.

For fans of: Laufey, Dodie, Norah Jones

Neish - ‘Bury Me’

‘Bury Me’ is Meanjin artist Neish’s debut release, and it’s is the kind of song I would have been COMPLETELY obsessed with as a teenager; it gives ‘main character in a fantasy drama/romance’ energy. I can see groups of friends singing their hearts out along to this song in the same way they to do ‘Iris’ by The Goo Goo Dolls - it builds tension with a wonderfully satisfying pay off in the final chorus. Neish’s voice is lilting and sensitive, and so powerfully emotive when a subtle rasp breaks through her tone in the more intense sections of the song. I personally have a soft-spot for fingerpicked steel string acoustic guitar, so this song grabbed me from the get-go.

For fans of: The Goo Goo Dolls, Daughter, Asha Jeffries, early Ed Sheeran

Brook St - ‘Chase The Night'

‘Chase The Night’ by Sunny Coast duo Brook St will instantly put you in a better mood, featuring syncopated palm-muted guitar, acoustic percussion that will scratch your brain in all the right ways, and one of the best vocal blends you’ve ever heard. The song explores coming back to yourself after feeling like you’ve lost your way a little, learning to be gentle + practice some self-care, and listening to what feels right. A cute and optimistic reminder that things are going to be okay, this tune feels quintessentially “Sunny Coast”, packed with wholesome, easy-going, sunshine-filled vibes.

For fans of: Vance Joy, The Dreggs, Hollow Coves

Ella Haber - ‘Good For Me'

‘Good For Me’ is track 5 off Sydney artist Ella Haber’s new EP Moments Between Dreams, a tune exploring both the excitement and uncertainty of a new relationship beginning. Haber’s songwriting is honest and vulnerable, carried by the power and poise of her soulful, umami voice. Her articulation and phrasing is both conversational and refined, making it feel like you’re her mate hanging out in her bedroom as she talks you through what she’s feeling with candid clarity. The instrumentation starts minimalistic with just chords on played keys paired with her vocal, and builds to a full band throughout the song as she seems to build confidence in the telling you how she feels.

For fans of: Olivia Dean, The Beatles, Bonnie Raitt



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