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Livewire AU’s Six Pack: Personal Tracks and Sound Attacks!

This month we have been inundated by some of the very best releases of the year! Of course, the spectacle of big, international names is hard to miss, but some even bigger and brighter releases are surfacing right under our noses! This six-pack in particular focuses on the freshest tracks that see artists sharing their soul, rebranding their sound, or fostering their individuality to create songs we cannot help but have on repeat! Buckle up for a whirlwind of emotion and styles!

Chloe Dadd- ‘Now Now’

In just her second release, Chloe Dadd has crafted a masterful dream-pop anthem that allows her to guide you through a mesmerizing four minutes of otherworldliness and positive energy. ‘Now Now’ not merely holds, but embeds a calm and soothing energy into every follicle of the track, and then outward to the listener. The tracks’ enticing verses lead to an intoxicating chorus that flourishes into a whirlwind of whimsical sounds and exciting beats, ensuring that if it wasn't before, your attention is certainly captured now. With a consistent beat backbone, there is an overwhelming need to move, to groove, and enjoy this celebration of sound in the best and most cathartic way we know (yes, you will be dancing). ‘Now Now’ is an impressive release that demonstrates Chloe Dadd’s rising prominence within our local scene.

For fans of: Platonic Sex, ioakim, MAY-A

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Stocker- ‘Rodeo’

If there’s one thing to take from Stocker’s latest single, it’s that the title is definitely what you should expect! ‘Rodeo’ is an exemplary feat of twisting sounds, seeing the track bridge genre boundaries to create something that is ever-changing, diverse, and of course, authentic to Stocker’s blended take on modern pop. The track begins with a delicate and somber exposure to her haunting vocals before escalating to a soundscape of dark proportions. Gritty guitars support the track's ascension to an untamed and angsty state, supporting the vocal performance with passion. ‘Rodeo’s’ duality creates a consistently unpredictable plane of sound that leaves you guessing what is to come at every beat. The juxtaposing initial fragility against the jarring screams and soaring riffs truly creates a recipe for pop perfection. ‘Rodeo’ is a track you need to catch!

For fans of: Billie Eilish, WIIGZ, Charli XCX

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Hope D- ‘Senseless’

From the very start, Hope D’s latest hit ‘Senseless’ is laced with an intoxicating riff and catchy beat that leaves you certain this is going to be yet another incredible banger from the Brisbane artist. Hope D’s signature vocals are prevalent throughout this track, housing their loveable, authentic, quirky, and conversational style now more than ever. Even within the cracks and small moments, Hope D’s attention to detail and spirited vocals provide a sanctuary for creativity. ‘Senseless’ holds a passionate chorus that truly takes center stage. Not only is it extremely catchy, but it commands and asserts Hope D’s powerful and dynamic vocal performance. Her collaboration of styles consistently shapes her songs into works of chaotic but carefully crafted soundscapes- those of which are largely invigorated and unheard. ‘Senseless’ is another enticing taste of Hope D’s discography that proves why she is a shining star in the Australian music scene.

For fans of: Teenage Joans, Noah Dillon, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

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Hollie Joy- ‘Would You Like Me More’

When it comes to tender music, look no further than Hollie Joy’s gorgeous new release, ‘Would You Like Me More’. Through a perfect balance of melancholic instrumentals and sharp truthfulness, Joy has created an anthem of self-realization and an outward commentary on the many things that plague our minds at the best of times. Her beautiful expression and sincerity radiate through every word and sound uttered throughout the entirety of this track, creating this earnest, truthful, and subsequently, jarring look at the internal monologue of Hollie Joy. ‘Would You Like Me More’ creates a warm space to unleash such thought-provoking and relatable lyrics, not only captivating attention, but creating an intriguing dichotomy between the environment she creates with her sound, and the feelings that are being referenced in her charged storytelling. It is truly hard not to be hit in the feels by this soulful and moving piece.

For fans of: The Dandys, The Buoys, Hayley Williams

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Illy- ‘Like You’

A new era of Illy is upon us, and it couldn't have come at a better time! This year has seen the Victorian musician leap into a new singing with Warner Music Australia, a new look, and now, a new single, ‘Like You’. Marking his first solo single release since the infectious 2021 album, ‘The Space Between’, ‘Like You’ is making sure we don't forget the duality of this legend-status act. Breaking expectations, ‘Like You’ strays from any rap verse at all, instead showcasing Illy’s smooth and diverse vocal ability. Normally fleeting within his choruses, this vocal presentation shines the spotlight upon his lyricism from a new angle- which is especially important for a track like this, working with members of both Peking Duk and DMA’s. If one thing is certain from this release, it’s that Illy is a hitmaker at heart. By following his own sense of artistry- whatever that calls him to do, his undeniable sense of audience and individuality within his own sound remains one of his strongest assets. Illy’s icon status prevails!

For fans of: Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, Thundamentals

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Bailey Judd- ‘I Might Be Crazy’

From the get-go, the vibes that radiate from Bailey Judd’s latest track ‘ I Might Be Crazy’ are immaculate! The groove-inducing track fosters an invigorating sound that immediately infiltrates all the senses, and is sure not to leave your mind without a fight! The track houses a showstopping vocal performance that sees Judd shine among the stars for the high notes, and then graciously visit us back down on Earth for his smooth and enticing verses. This dual vocal performance is only aided by the moments of anthemic-like choruses that creep their way into all necessary spaces of the track. Culminating in an amalgamation of heavily layered vocals and instrumentals, Bailey Judd masterfully makes the inclusion of all these sounds perfectly balanced, ensuring that no single element is being overshadowed or underplayed. The energy of this song can truly only be described as fun, intoxicating, and something that you don't want to miss out on!

For fans of: Emma Volard, NEW TALK, Tame Impala

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