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Livewire AU's Six Pack: Support Your Local Legends

It’s been an eventful week for the Aussie music industry to say the least. With music media outlets getting #zucced and the fight to extend Job Keeper to keep industry workers afloat, local artists need our support more than ever. We’ve found some gems to help you bid farewell to summer and welcome in the new season with a bang.

MAY-A - 'Time I Love To Waste'

If you’ve been listening to triple j lately, this one might sound familiar. Sydney based artist MAY-A's new single ‘Time I Love To Waste’ is getting lots of attention for all the right reasons. The perfect anthem for young love, this track combines elements of hyper-relatable pop and indie rock to give you that warm fuzzy feeling. Written about “the pure and kind of childish way you know you really like someone when you just wanna waste all your time with them”, MAY-A cherishes all of the little moments with her crush.

I'd let the girl live right through my wallet/

Give hеr all my things, empty my pockets/

She takes me crossroads, far from things I know/

There's no place like home

For Fans Of: Hope D, LANY, Laurel

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Oshua - 'Midnight Lows'

Oshua is carving his own niche in Perth with lo-fi bedroom rap boasting incredibly tight production. Rusty vocals and lazy acoustic guitar splice with rnb beats and clever lyricism for a match made in heaven. This track is laid-back with a high probability of stank face when the beat kicks in. Oshua’s lyrics take a darker turn as he speaks of battling with inner demons on lonely nights. We can't think of a better track for your night-drive playlist.

And in my sheets, I’m frozen, eyes fixed on the roof,

Sad angels’, happy demons dance around my room,

Cut out my heart and bleed it - lose feeling in my toes,

There’s something in the blinds but I don’t believe in ghosts,

For Fans Of: Boy Pablo, Cuco, Sarcastic Sounds, Joji

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Polarize - 'Eugene's Calling'

With the announcement of their upcoming EP Lucky Eye (coming out March 31st), Melbourne band Polarize have released their new single ’Eugene’s Calling’. This track incorporates everything we love about rock, taking inspiration from iconic era’s and sub-genres. With groovy instrumentals, infectious baselines and soaring synths, the band “wanted to write a funky song with a big chorus”. What better way to fill the Daft Punk-shaped hole in your life? Post-punk influences are seen in the track's edgy lyrics and brooding vocal delivery. We cannot fault it!

For Fans Of: Wallows, Parcels, The Strokes

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Jofi - 'Catastrophe'

Sydney singer-songwriter Jofi is serving us theatrics, honesty and self-reflection in her latest single ‘Catastrophe’. This electro-pop masterpiece is awash with hypnotic harmonies and lush synths as Jofi's lyricism puts herself under the microscope. Jofi shares her tendencies to be stubborn, sensitive and disconnected with witty and relatable lyrics. It’s easy to find yourself consumed with picking out your flaws and dwelling on them. Jofi shows us it’s ok to recognise them, own them, see the humour in it and create incredible art. After all, nobody's perfect.

I can ignore you for 5 days/

Run away when I get mad ’Cause you dissed my favourite band/

I don’t admit it when I’m wrong/

Even when I know I am/

I’m too proud to give a damn

For Fans Of: FKA Twigs, Lorde, Billie Eilish

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Connor Brooker - 'Miss You'

Even if you don’t recognise the name, it’s likely you’ve heard the very talented Connor Brooker’s work before. Shifting gears between surf-punk in Pro Vita, synth-pop in White Wash and as pop-rock favourites Bugs, Brooker has been busy working on a new solo project. Working with Ball Park Music frontman Sam Cromack in late 2020, ‘Miss You’ is a seriously solid offering from Brooker’s forthcoming solo album Happy, Maybe (due for release later in 2021). Featuring a rush of distorted guitars, ‘Miss You’ is a melancholic track swirling with emotion. Unassuming yet utterly charming, Brooker’s music video complements his single perfectly.

For Fans Of: Soccer Mommy, Wilco, Ben Lee, Bugs

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LÂLKA - 'Angel/Jezebel'

With the news of her debut EPThe Way Music Looks (out March 17), LÂLKA has dropped her bold new single 'Angel/Jezebel'. With the rising popularity of 100 gecs and Rico Nasty, LÂLKA’s underground pop sound is high in demand. Combining rebellious punk energy with glitchy hyperpop and unmatched aesthetics, LÂLKA is a true visionary. ‘Angel/Jezebel’ takes a stand against one-dimensional stereotypes that hinder LÂLKA's self-expression as an Asian artist performing and living in Australia. In this empowering track, LÂLKA reclaims every aspect of her identity with fierce tongue-in-cheek energy. As far as we're concerned, it's LÂLKA's world and we're all just living in it.

For Fans Of: Rico Nasty, 100 gecs, Charlie XCX

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