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LivewireAU's Six Pack: A Little Bitta This, A Little Bitta That

This weeks' six-pack is one big box of Favourites hailing from all stretches of Aus. We are dishing up the best in home grown new music, hand picked for your listening pleasure. Whether you're in the mood for some soothing indie-pop or sensual r'n'b, rest assured you won't have to rustle to the bottom of the box to find it.

Julia Wallace - ‘Warm Light’

Julia Wallace is bringing us a glimpse of something truly special with new release ‘Warm Light’. A multi-instrumentalist circulating the Perth music scene, she layers rich piano and luscious vocals in this swirling ode to lover’s guilt. As far as first solo releases go, ‘Warm Light’ is offering a beautifully lush glimpse into Julia’s future musical offerings. All aboard the band wagon!

For Fans of: MARO, Gordi and Låpsley

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Liam Morton - ‘My Baby’

Brisbane artist Liam Morton has released his third single as a solo artist. This tune is a mashup of quintessential beachside guitar and easy vocals with an undercurrent of romantic angst. Delightful in its simplicity, this will have you twirling your hair in one hand and sinking a VB in the other as you pine over your long-lost summer romance.

For Fans of: Mac DeMarco, Rex Orange County and The Fillmores

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KINKORA - ‘You Got Me’

Oh, to have a picnic with the same lemony goodness of KINKORA’s ‘You Got Me’. Pop the video clip on and watch as this new single oozes smoky smooth sex appeal all over your chequered blanket. If the sizzling backbeat and luxe vocals haven’t caught you already, the visuals of an extremely good-looking Golden Retriever and baskets of perfectly ripe fruit may just do the trick.

For Fans of: H.E.R, Ari Lennox and Moonchild

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Tiarnie - ‘Don’t Ask Me’

An anthem for all things discontentedness, Tiarnie’s new single ‘Don’t Ask Me’ layers guitar sirens and heavy rock undertones with self-questioning lyrics that have you nodding your head in solidarity. We’ve all been there; catching a case of the ‘grass-is-greeners’ and messing up a good thing all in the name of complacency. A track to accompany your doubt spirals, ‘Don’t Ask Me’ is hitting a real spot.

For Fans of: Amy Shark, G Flip and Jack River

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Lach Marshall - ‘Tired Old Gag’

Ever had that sad, mellow feeling when the dust has settled after a gag gone wrong? You’re not mad at yourself, just, dare I say, disappointed? Lach Marshall’s new single has bottled this unique aesthetic up into 2 mins and 17 seconds of pensive, melodic blues. An easy, breezy listen for your trip to the naughty corner.

For Fans of: Bahamas, Fruit Bats and Houndmouth

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Ultra Dude - ‘New Hair Cut’

If you’ve just had a post-iso haircut and you’re feeling a little insecure, listener discretion is advised. It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at Ultra Dudes fresh single ‘New Hair Cut’. Based on a comment form a work colleague following a new haircut (“Nice haircut, but you're still an asshole”) this track is tapping into that niche feeling of getting a quarter head of buttery highlights and a little curtain bang only to realise you’re exactly the same, just $400 poorer. Regardless, this groovy track will have you putting your hair-related anxieties aside in the name of crispy guitar and catchy hooks.

For Fans of: Last Dinosaurs, Greatest Hits and First Beige

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